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What is the Maersk PLI Test

The Maersk Aptitude Test is a cognitive ability assessment which is 12 minutes long and includes fifty multiple choice numerical, verbal, logical, and abstract reasoning questions. On average you will only have 14 seconds to answer each question, and no calculators are allowed. 

The tight time limit, coupled with complex questions and the naturally occurring stress of an important test mean that coming to the Maersk PLI Test unprepared is inadvisable. Check out the video below to hear more about this uniquely challenging test, and then scroll down for sample PLI Maersk Questions. 


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Maersk PLI Test Sample Questions

The Maersk PLI test is comprised of numerical, verbal, abstract, and logical reasoning questions. In the section below we will review some sample questions from our Maersk Aptitude Test PrepPack.

For more Maersk Aptitude Test sample questions, visit our Free Sample Maersk PLI Test

Sample Maersk Aptitude Test Questions - Math:

Question 1:

Tom completes a given task in 20 days whilst Joan requires only 12 days in order to complete the same task. Tom and Joan set out to complete one task together. They started to work at the same time; however, due to personal reasons, Joan had to take a leave of absence of 4 days during their mutual work.

If Tom continued working on his own during Joan's leave, how many days did it take them to complete the task?

6 days
8 days
10 days
15 days
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

To solve this problem, use the following basic formula: Work = rate*time. To start, use the information obtained from the question:

Tom's work rate: 1/20
Joan's work rate: 1/12

Indicate the number of days Tom and Joan actually worked together as "y". 

Begin with the four days Tom worked on his own: 
Work = (1/20)*4 
=> Work = 1/5 => 1/5 of the work was completed by Tom alone.

This means Tom and Joan worked together to complete the remaining 4/5 of the task: 
4/5 = (1/20 + 1/12)*y
4/5 = ((3 + 5)/60)*y    //60 is the common denominator of 20 and 12
4/5 = (8/60)*y     //Simplify (8/60) by 4
=> 4/5 = (2/15)*y     //divide both sides of the equation by (2/15)

Dividing fraction by fraction is the same as multiplying a fraction by the inverse fraction:
(4/5)/(2/15) = ((2/15)/(2/15))*y =>
(4/5)*(15/2) = ((2/15)*(15/2))*y =>
(4*15)/(5*2) = ((2*15)/(15*2))*y =>
60/10 = (30/30)*y =>
=> y = 6 days

Therefore, the total amount of days it took Tom and Joan to complete the task: 4 + 6 = 10 days.

In work rate problems, unless otherwise stated, you must assume that the rate remains the same whether the two are working together or alone.


Question 2:

A normal visit to a specialist physician costs $68. Private health insurance that covers specialist treatment costs $350 per annum.

How many visits to a specialist physician will justify buying private health insurance?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

$68 x 5 (visits) = $340 which is still less than the $350 that the health insurance costs. Therefore from the 6th visit onward, the insurance is worthwhile.


Sample Maersk Aptitude Test Questions - Verbal:

Question 1:

By ____ the fossil remains of animals, paleontologists can learn much about their ____ .

exxamining, apearence
examining, appearance
examinning, appearing
examination, appearances
None of These
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct sentence is: 

By examining the fossil remains of animals, paleontologists can learn much about their appearance.

The other options are spelled wrong. 

Question 2:

Cloth ____ , to be held in place by safety pins, were first mass ____ in 1887.

nappies, production
nappies, prodused
nappies, produced
nappies, produce
None of These
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct sentence is: 

Cloth nappies, to be held in place by safety pins, were first mass produced in 1887.

Sample Maersk Aptitude Test Questions - Abstract:

Question 1

Choose the odd one out:

Maersk PLI Tests Sample
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

Each frame has a shape and 2-3 small circles. Frames 1, 3, 4 and 5 have at least one circle inside the shape. In frame 2, the pentagon is empty. Hence, the correct answer is 2.

The space around the shape includes circles sometimes. 
Two of the shapes are three-dimensional.
All shapes have a different number of sides.


Question 2

Choose the odd one out:

Maersk PLI Tests Sample Test
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The logic at first glance, all of the arrows might look the same. However, options 2 and 5 are two-dimensional while 1, 3, and 4 are three-dimensional. The orientation of the arrows is insignificant.


3 Essential Maersk PLI Test Tips

1) Answer What You Know and guess what you don't:

With only 12 minutes to finish the test you have to practice working under pressure. But don't be too hard on yourself if you don't manage to complete all questions in time: only 1% of test takers answer over 40 questions let alone all 50.

Just make sure that you go over all the questions and answer as many of them as you can. Answer the questions you know first, and don't waste your time on those you don't know - guess instead. 


2) Try to get previous experience of the test questions and environment:

Before taking the test solve as many questions as you can. Solve our Free Sample Maersk PLI Test (better yet, our full PrepPack) so you can gain better knowledge of where your weaknesses and strengths are.

Knowing this will allow you to strengthen your weak points just enough to secure the score you need to get the job.


3) Make sure to do the test in your mother tongue:

The test Maersk aptitude test can be taken in over 70 languages. Those who choose to take the test in a second language usually do worse by 6-8 questions.

This can drastically affect your final score and cost you a critical position compared to your competitors.

If your mother tongue is not one of the languages available - go with the language you are most comfortable with.

For lots more in-depth tips go see our main PLI Test practice page - it's definitely worth your time.


Maersk Aptitude Test Scoring Explained

Raw – Ranging from 17-23, this simply tallies all your right answers together. Thus, it can be assumed that the average Maersk Assessment score is 20.

Percentile – The percentile score indicates how you fared against all test takers combined.

For instance, if you are in the 70th percentile that means you did better than 70% of all test takers.

Sub-Score - The sub-score is also broken down according to sub-categories: numerical; verbal and; non-verbal.

Maersk Tests Sample

Learn more about your Maersk PLI Test Score!


About the Maersk Group Application Process

The Interview process includes 6 primary stages, let’s take a brief look, so you can have an idea what to expect.

note  Note:  The company may change parts of the process according to the seniority of the position you apply for.

Stage 1: Online application process

Stage 2: Assessment tests like PI cognitive and behavioral tests

Stage 3: Email video questions

Stage 4: Interview with a hiring manager and an HR rep. (In-person) 

Stage 5: Maersk Assessment Day along with panel interviews

Stage 6: Contract signing and on-boarding



Why Does Maersk Use the PLI Aptitude Test?

As a precursor to our PI Assessment Test overview, it is important to understand the overall purpose of the exam.

This precursor should help give the reader gain some background and context before launching into its fine detail.

The test is designed to give your future employer a way to broadly evaluate your cognitive capacity.

By looking at such metrics like speed, visualization, memory, and attention to details, the hirer, will better assess how you will adapt and handle challenges and tasks within the organization.

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