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GIC’s Hiring Process

Headquartered in Singapore, GIC is a banking and investment company with locations in over 40 countries, including the United States. Regardless of the position or program you may be applying for or to within the company, there are several steps and stages of the GIC recruitment process that you should know about. The hiring process for GIC may include:

  • Application Process: The application process for both professional positions and graduate/ student programs will require that you complete an online application. After selecting a suitable position or program you will need to register an account from the GIC jobs webpage then upload any relevant documents and submit your application.
  • Initial Interview: Once your application and documents have gone through their initial screening, you may be reached out to by a recruiter from GIC for a phone or Skype interview. The initial interview may come before or after you have taken the online pre-hire tests.
  • Pre-Hire Testing: The most common tests prospective employees of GIC will need to take are a cognitive ability/ logic test, as well as a personality assessment. These tests will help the recruitment and management teams evaluate your skill sets as they pertain to the position or program you have applied for.
  • Final Interviews: If you have passed both the pre-hire exam or exams and the initial screening interview, you will be invited to participate in one or more in-person interviews. These interviews will either be held one-on-one or in a group/ panel.

Please note that admission to GIC’s internship, professional, and scholarship programs are contingent on a different set of criteria which is stated on the GIC website under “Students & Graduates.”

GIC PLI & Personality Tests

GIC does not merely hire candidates based on their academic achievements. The qualities of leadership, intellectual curiosity, and interpersonal skills are just as important as they can give a clear view of your ability for professional growth within the company. That being said, the two main tests that you are likely to face during the recruitment process include the PI LI Cognitive Ability Test and personality tests.

The PI LI test measures your mathematical, verbal, and non-verbal reasoning (such as abstract reasoning) skills to gauge your ability to understand and quickly adapt to the workplace and job responsibilities. Personality tests are used to evaluate dozens of desirable traits and behaviors for employees working at GIC. The combination of your resume, psychometric test scores, and interviews will give the recruitment team at GIC a better understanding of your capabilities, as well as your compatibility with their company culture and standards. Prior preparation for your GIC aptitude tests will be your greatest precursor to success throughout the pre-employment process.


GIC Interview Sample Questions

During your interviews with GIC, you will be asked questions regarding your resume and availability, as well as behavioral questions. Below are just some examples of questions you may be asked during the interview process:

  • Why have you applied for a position with GIC?
  • How do you deal with conflicts in the workplace?
  • What do you know about the role and its responsibilities? How does your previous experience relate to the job being offered?
  • How would your previous supervisor describe you?

When answering behavioral questions, we recommend using the STAR method. This method will ensure that your responses are structured and engaging for your interviewer.

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