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Practice with our Kronos PI LI PrepPacks™

Applying for a position with Kronos will undoubtedly mean taking a PI LI assessment test. JobTestPrep offers practice materials to assist you throughout the length of the Kronos’ recruitment process.


Comprehensive Practice for the Kronos PI LI Tests

Kronos recruitment process can seem daunting at times. Go through the Kronos PI LI tests and recruitment process confidently using JobTestPrep’s comprehensive PrepPacks™. Begin today and receive our in-depth practice tests, study guides, score reports and more!


Kronos Interview Structure

The Kronos hiring process has several stages. The first is a submission of your résumé, cover letter, and other supporting documents. If your résumé attracts the attention of Kronos’ recruiters, you will be invited for a phone interview. Kronos’ representative will talk to you about your educational background, working experience, and career goals. You may also hear about benefits that you will receive, if you get hired. The second stage of Kronos’ recruitment process is testing. You will be asked to take (the tests), whose results will determine whether you will move to the third stage and have an in-person interview in one of Kronos’ locations. On the face-to-face interview, you will meet with Kronos’ Human Resources representatives and managers of the department where you may work. Prepare to answer competency-based questions together with situational questions. You may find it helpful to think in advance about a specific problematic situation that you once needed to resolve by choosing the best solution among several alternatives. If you apply for a technical position, be prepared to respond to technical questions as well. After the in-person interview, you may receive a job offer, provided you appear knowledgeable and interesting in the eyes of Kronos’ representatives.


What Factors are Included in the Situational Judgement Test Score?

There are four primary main areas that the SJT focuses upon including; decision making, problem solving, interpersonal skills and organizational skills.

  • Decision Making: Your employer wants to know before hiring you, how you cope with making tough on the spot decisions. This is especially true for those vying for C-Level positions.
  • Problem Solving: Do you have the logical, critical and analytical skills needed to innovate and keep your company relevant with viable solutions for evolving markets?
  • Interpersonal Skills: A company (especially the corporations) is made of many moving parts. Do you have the personality to successfully collaborate between divisions to get the job done?
  • Organizational Skills: As the old saying goes, time is money and companies in our fast paced and never ending work weeks need you to be on the ball and organized to quickly take on any challenge.


How Are the Kronos Personality Tests Scored?

Personality tests are used by Kronos to evaluate specific personality traits and workplace competencies. There are technically no right or wrong answers in a personality assessment, however, certain responses may negatively impact your overall personality profile for the job being offered.

How Should I Answer a Question Like “Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?”

This question is really a much deeper one than most presume. The interviewer really wants to know why you are applying for the job. They want to see that you have a clear direction in your career path that they can utilize to help them advance their product or service in the market. Give the Kronos’ representative a sense that you are committed to growing with the company.

What Can JobTestPrep Offer me in Preparing for my Kronos PI LI?


JobTestPrep offers you a complete package ahead of taking the Kronos PI LI test, including comprehensive study guides, answer explanations, and answer keys. Trusted by the top UK universities we will help empower you with the skills to succeed.

At What Point in the Kronos Hiring Process Will the PI LI-style test be Administered?

Upon filling out your job application and receiving a screening call or possibly a in person face to face with HR, you will be invited to take the PI LI-style test among other exams. The tests will examine not only your technical ability, but personality and ability to mesh into the company culture (important these days.) Upon successfully passing the test you will move on to the interview stages with managers and possible C-Levels (position depending) and from there hopefully a job offer.


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