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The Westchester County Department of Human Resources administers the Police Officer exam. In order to apply for the position, you must be a legal resident of Westchester County at the time of the exam and for at least one month prior to the exam.

Format and Content of the Westchester Police Exam

The Westchester police exam is a multiple choice test. This exam is computer-based and timed. The scenarios and passages contained on the exam reflect on-the-job activities of police officers.

  • Applying written information (rules, regulations, policies, procedures, directives, etc.) in police situations: These questions test the ability to apply written rules in given situations similar to those typically experienced by police officers.
  • Memory for facts and information: These questions test the ability to remember facts and information presented in written form. On the day of the test, you will be given five minutes to read and study the information in the Memory Booklet. After the five-minute period, the Memory Booklet will be taken away. You will then be required to answer questions about the material that was presented in the Memory Booklet.
  • Reading, understanding, and interpreting written information: These questions test the ability to read, understand, and interpret the kinds of written information that police officers are required to read during their formal training period and on the job.
  • Preparing written material in a police setting: These questions test the ability to prepare the types of reports that police officers write. You will be presented with a page of notes followed by several questions. Each question will consist of four restatements of the information given in the notes. From each set of four, you must choose the version that presents the information most clearly and accurately.

If you pass the exam you will then be required to pass a psychological screening as well as medical and physical agility standards.

Westchester Police Exam Requirements

  • U.S. Citizenship
  • High School Diploma
  • Minimum Age: 20
  • Maximum Age: 35
  • Must be a Westchester Resident

Westchester Police Exam Preparation

JobTestPrep prepares you for the exam with our custom-made practice tests designed to make it feel as if you are taking the actual exam. By practicing, you will become familiar with the types of questions found on Westchester police exam. We also provide essential tips and explanations to help improve your score.

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