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Prepare for the Sara Lee Hiring Process

Founded in 1972, Sara Lee is an iconic marketer of desserts, using high-quality ingredients for their products. Sara Lee International has products sold in Europe, Australia, Asia, and Brazil. They are looking to hire passionate and innovative candidates.

The Sara Lee recruitment process is outlined below:

Application: Starting to apply can be done online by filling out the application form and uploading a resume. When assessing one’s credentials, the Sara Lee application process aims to find accomplished and suitable candidates. Other ways of applying can be through an employee referral or staffing agency.

Telephone Interview: Applicants’ first interview is usually performed as a short phone call. An HR recruiter may question job seekers about their background and goals. One’s skills and experience level is measures alongside the main requirements of the career.

In-Person Interview: Interviewing approaches generally differ based on the type of position being applied for. In-person interviews may be led as a personal one-on-one assembly or in a panel setting with several employers.

Tests: Candidates are often required to take certain pre-employment tests. These assessments are used so that employers can determine how compatible one is for the position compared to that of other applicants.


The Sara Lee CEB’s SHL Test Process

Part of the psychometric evaluations, aptitude tests are given out to either online or as written exams. CEB's SHL tests are formatted differently depending on the cognitive abilities which are being measured. These exams may assess one’s mathematical, verbal, inductive, and deductive reasoning skills. Each applicants’ final scores are compared to find a worthy candidate. The logical test necessitates that one connects pictures and patterns, and the verbal test provides written passages so that one can answer related questions correctly. The mathematical exam delivers graphs and algebraic data for candidates to solve.

Other assessments administered by CEB’s SHL includes the Situational Judgement Test (SJT) and the Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32). These assessments both assess one’s behavioral traits and personality. The personality questionnaire displays applicants’ positive traits and leadership tendencies. The SJT exam aims to help employers predict candidates’ potential actions in work-related scenarios.

Start Practicing for the Sara Lee CEB SHL Tests with JobTestPrep.

Sara Lee Interview Questions

The Sara Lee interview process aims to hire future employees who possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and motivation needed for the role. Preparing for the interview can be done by researching all about the position. In some cases, a behavioral-based interview may occur. This method asks candidates questions about their previous work experiences to observe how they behave in such scenarios. Technical questions are also asked, evaluating one’s specified skills for the job.

Here are some examples of Sara Lee interview questions:

  • What do you bring to Sara Lee?
  • Describe how you would help a co-worker who is having difficulty in completing a project.
  • What are your three weaknesses?
Sara Lee Corporation Subsidiaries
Friele Bryan Foods Meltonian GmbH EuroDough SAS.


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