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Johnson & Johnson Hiring Process

The first steps to applying for a job at Johnson & Johnson is to search for a job that matches your goals. After you find the position that interests you click "Apply Now". Then upload your resume, cover letter, and submit your application. After you submit your application you will receive a confirmation e-mail that will contain the next steps in the hiring process.

The next step will be either a video or live HR interview or pre-recorded interview questions, along with a personality test. Johnson and Johnson use the Hogan Personality Assessment as part of the first stage of their hiring process. The test is administered online and used to determine if your personality traits fit the role.

After these stages, you might be invited to an assessment center. The assessment center includes group tasks, simulation, and skills tests depending on the position you are applying to. If you passed the assessment center successfully, you will receive a verbal offer.  Follow the information below to fully prepare yourself for the hiring process and use our practicing tools to pass it with success. If you apply to J&J position inside UK, Ireland or Europe click here. 

Johnson & Johnson Aptitude Test

Johnson & Johnson also use aptitude and personality tests as part of their hiring process. The Johnson & Johnson aptitude test will reflect the skills and abilities needed for the position you applied for. For example, if you applied for a technical position you will most likely need to take some sort of mechanical test. Preparing for the relevant exam will get you closer to getting the job you want. JobTestPrep provides various practice tests for different positions. 


Practice for the Johnson & Johnson Assessment Tests

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Johnson & Johnson Interview

After you have taken and passed your Johnson & Johnson aptitude test you will be invited for a phone interview. You may have to go in for an interview as well. Preparing for the interview will help you show the company who you are as a person and a worker. Start practicing today with our interview PrepPack™.

J&J Interview Questions

Previous candidates were asked the questions below:

  • Please describe a situation in which your opinion on a certain matter wasn't valued and you had to prove it's validity. 
  • Do you volunteer or did before?
  • Please describe me your work experience in excel. 
  • Why would like to work at our organization in this position?
  • What would your last employer say your strengths and weakness?

Johnson & Johnson Internship Hiring Process

Johnson & Johnson offers varied internship positions, some of them are summer internship as well. 

Normally the hiring process starts with online application in a university career-fair by filling a form. Afterwards, you meet J&J recruiter. If the HR interview went well, the next interview will be held in J&J offices with one or more managers (direct manager, branch manager, director). Johnson & Johnson HR team are flexible, so if you couldn't attend the live office interview, they may consider to interview you in an online conference call. 

You will be asked in-depth questions about your resume and experience in your HR interview but also from the managers in the onsite interview. 

Johnson & Johnson Subsidiaries 

Under Johnson & Johnson works the subsidiaries: 

Janssen Pharmaceutica Ethicon Neutrogena


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