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While the steps in the hiring process differ at each company, the recruitment process is fairly standard across the retail industry. Learn about the hiring process that you can expect during your application process, including several different types of assessment tests used by industry leaders such as Home Depot, Walgreens, and Kroger.

What Is the Hiring Process in the Retail Industry?

If you're applying for a job at a prominent retailer, you will have to jump through several hoops before getting hired. The hiring process for jobs at most retail corporations is as follows:

  1. Apply: Apply online by submitting your resume and cover letter. Make sure that your resume is tailored to the position for which you are applying.
  2. Interview: Complete a preliminary telephone or pre-recorded video interview. The purpose of the interview is to verify that you are qualified for the job. In the case of a video interview, you may be sent a list of questions to which you must record your answers. If you are successful, you will be asked to take a pre-employment test.
  3. Assessment Tests: The specific test that you will take varies depending on position. Popular pre-employment assessments used in the retail industry include numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning tests, situational judgment tests, and personality tests.  You may have to take a technical test which evaluates your job-related skills, such as a clerical skills test for those seeking a position as an administrative assistant.
  4. In-Person Interview: This is one of the most important steps towards securing a new job. Your in-person interview may be one-on-one with a hiring manager or your future supervisor, or it may be a panel interview with several executives. You may also have a group interview, where you will be observed for your behavior within a team. If you are in a group interview, remember not to appear competitive.
  5. Additional Interview: For some positions, especially upper-level positions, you may have an additional interview with HR. Try to demonstrate that you have the right personality and attitude for management positions throughout the interview.


What Can I Expect From My Interview In the Retail Industry?

You should expect questions about your work experience as well as situational questions which ask you to describe how you would act in various work-related scenario. You should convey to hiring managers that you are thoughtful, flexible, and ethical. Before your interview, make a mental list of several instances in the past where you displayed good judgment.

Here are a few position-specific tips for interviews:

  • If you are applying for a sales position, you may be asked to pitch a product.
  • For marketing roles, you will be asked about the company's product, challenges, and market.
  • Future managers will be asked about challenges they have faced, their managerial style, and how they handle difficult situations.
  • Those seeking a position in finance will be quizzed on their understanding of the industry and their technical knowledge.
  • For customer service roles, be prepared to answer a variety of situational questions relating to your integration with customers.

What Assessments Will I Have to Complete?

The tests that will take depend on the job for which you are applying. You may have to take any of the following assessments:  

  • Numerical Reasoning Test
  • Situational Judgment Test
  • Personality Test
  • Logical Reasoning Test
  • Mechanical Aptitude Test

 What Jobs Does This Bundle Prepare Me For?

Jobs at Retail Companies

Management trainee

Financial analyst

Customer service representative

Maintenance worker

Area/Store manager

Sales representative/manager

Retail supervisor

Pharmacy Tech


What Companies Is This Bundle Applicable To?

Preparation is essential for success. Click on one of the companies below to access our exclusive practice material. 

Top Retail Employers
DSW Target Walgreens
Walmart Toys "R" Us Petco
Sears Lowes Kroger
General Electric Home Depot Gap
Amazon Medline Industries WellStar Caliper
IKEA Merck Pharmaceuticals Lutron Electronics
Caliper Dick's Sporting Goods Apple
Bridgestone Ralph Lauren Bosch
Best Buy HelloFresh Mayo Clinic
Medtronic Neiman Marcus Fuji Xerox
Johnson & Johnson DaVita Kohler
Domtar Sumitomo Rubber C & W
Petsmart Carmax Staples
Allianz Life Insurance Company CVS Stryker
Novo Nordisk CED Family Dollar
Publix  Nike  


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