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JobTestPrep offers dozens of custom and tailored preparation packages to suit your needs. There is no need to feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the Petsmart application and recruitment process when using JobTestPrep. Learn about the Petsmart hiring process and receive Petsmart interview tips to maximize your chances of getting accepted for a Petsmart internship and starting your Petsmart career. 

Petsmart Job Application

Petsmart job application consists of several stages:

  • Petsmart Application Process - Most candidates start the Petsmart application process online. The online application requires you to describe your experience, education, languages, and skills. Make sure to fill all relevant details for your position
  • Petsmart Assessment Test - Many companies employ online assessments to examine your skills, work persona, and knowledge. Make sure you sit in a quiet environment and do all the preparation to pass the Petsmart assessment test successfully. Start practicing today with JobTestPrep. 
  • Petsmart Phone Interview -   You should emphasise the relevant experience you have for the position, your ambitions, and passions. 
  • Petsmart Face to Face Interview - Here, you'll be asked questions regarding your resume, weaknesses, strengths and so on. Read more bellow on Petsmart Interview Questions. Read more Petsmart interview tips. 
  • Petsmart drag test - This is the last stage of Petsmart Job Application before receiving the job you want. 

Petsmart Assessment Test Questions and Answers

To prepare for the Petsmart assessment tests read on for the Petsmart Assessment Test Questions and Answers. 

What Is Petsmart Supervisory Skills Assessment?

In this test, the focus is on leadership skills, including both cognitive abilities and unique personality traits. The following basic competencies are highlighted: planning and organizing, communication, conflict resolution, coaching/mentoring/motivating employees and integrity. Most supervisory assessments are composed of two sections: the cognitive ability test, and a personality questionnaire.

What Is Petsmart Sales Assessment Test?

The sales aptitude test analyzes three main dimensions - sales skills, personal skills, and job skills. It focuses on behavior, attitude, values, and the skills that carry a sales rep into the realm of success. Sales assessment tests contain at least one scenario section, highlighting sales and job skills; and a self-assessment portion that focuses on your own interests, preferences, and values.


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Petsmart Interview Process

Going into your interview confidently all comes down to how you have prepared. Most interviews are scheduled well in advance which will give you some time to familiarize yourself with the interview structure and the types of questions you will be asked throughout the process. Interviews will generally cover questions regarding your availability, salary expectations, as well as your knowledge of the company. JobTestPrep offers many interview practice materials to ensure that you will be well prepared prior to your interviewer. To prepare yourself for Petsmart interview process, read some examples of Petsmart Interview Questions. 

Petsmart Interview Questions

 Previous candidates were asked the questions below:

  • Which type of leadership style do you prefer most? Why?
  • (Manager position) If you have an employee which refuse to do tasks assigned to him, what would you do?
  • Do you yourself own any pets? 
  • How would you sell a puppy's toy?
  • Why would you like to work for Petsmart?

Petsmart Subsidiaries
Chewy PetSmart Charities Pet360 Inc. DCL Ventures, Inc.

How Many Scenarios Can I Expect to Encounter in the Petsmart SJT?

You can expect to find between 25 - 50 scenarios on any given SJT. The scenarios are usually engaging and challenging. After you are presented with a scenario you will then have to either find the most (or least) suitable response to the scenario or rank/rate the responses in order of effectiveness.

How Long Does the Petsmart Hiring Process Take?

The hiring process depends on the number of tasks you have to complete. Typically, there are hundreds, if not thousands of candidates applying for the same job. While most of them are filtered out through the use of online tests, that still leaves many who have to go through face to face assessments and interviews. We can make some generalizations though. Online tests and automatic application screening typically take no more than a week. However, you will only know if you have got through to the next stage of the application process once the job posting has been closed. The company will normally take some time to come up with a shortlist of candidates who should attend interviews. We can, therefore, say that the entire process can take up to six months.


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