CarMax Assessment Test: Free Guide and Sample Questions

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What Is the CarMax Assessment Test?

The CarMax assessment test consists of Numerical, Verbal, and Abstract Reasoning tests and is required when testing for CarMax roles like Vehicle Delivery Driver, Vehicle Condition Assessor, Automotive Technician, Automotive Detailer, etc.

Normally there are at least two types of numerical assessments: Mathematical Reasoning test and Logical Reasoning test.

Mathematical Reasoning tests - Allow CarMax to assess your mathematical abilities. These tests can range from the most basic mathematics to more advanced calculations. JobTestPrep offers a number of practice materials to help you brush up on and improve your numerical capabilities.

Logical Reasoning tests - This CarMax assessment questions consist of abstract, diagrammatic or inductive reasoning tests. They allow CarMax to evaluate your attention to detail, evaluate information and make decisions.

The two CarMax Numerical assessments are usually computerized and given onsite during the CarMax assessment day. JobTestPrep has developed practice tests, learning guides and score reports especially to help you come prepared for employers' assessment tests.

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CarMax Assessment Sample Questions and Answers

CarMax Graduate / Senior MGMT Numerical Practice Question

CarMax Graduate  Senior MGMT Numerical Practice Question


What proportion of the people in all four nations are tennis viewers?

A. 56%.
B. 0.56%
C. 6.6%
D. 0.066%
E. Cannot say.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (C) - 6.6%

To solve the question, you need to follow these three steps:

1.Calculate the overall population of all four nations (The bottom row of the table, named 'Population'):
17,000,000 + 60,000,000 + 16,000,000 + 10,500,000 = 103,500,000

2.Calculate the total number of tennis viewers in all four nations:
1,875,000 + 4,685,000 + 75,000 + 235,000 = 6,870,000

3.Calculate the proportion of tennis viewers out of the population across the four nations.

Notice! The answer-options present the proportion in percentages. To calculate percentage use the following formula:
% = (Part/Total)*100
(6,870,000 / 103,500,000) X 100 = 6.6%.

CarMax General Staff / Entry Level Numerical Practice Question

14/40 + 4/20

A. 9\20.
B. 9\30.
C. 1\2.
D. 11\20
E. 5\8.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is D 11\20.

In order to add fractions, you need to make sure that the denominators are the same.
In this question, the denominators are different. Therefore, you need to find the lowest common denominator. The lowest common denominator of 40 and 20 is 40.

The fraction 4/20 needs be multiplied top and bottom by 2 to have a denominator of 40 : 4/20 = (4 x 2)/(20 x 2) = 8/40

The fraction 14/40 already has 40 as the denominator.

14/40 + 8/40 = (14 + 8)/40 = 22/40

Since 22/40 is not an answer choice, you should simplify the answer.
Simplifying the fraction means that you divide the top and the bottom by the same number.

The greatest common divisor of 22 and 40 is 2. So, you can divide the top and the bottom by 2 : 22/40 = 11/20.

Alternatively, you could first divide the top and the bottom of the fraction 14/40 by 2 : 7/20. Then, the fractions have the same denominator, so they could be added.
Thus, 7/20 + 4/20 = (7 + 4)/20 = 11/20

CarMax Graduate / Senior MGMT Verbal Practice Question

“A growing body of research suggests that the regular, high-level use of more than one language may actually improve early brain development. According to several different studies, command of two or more languages aggrandizes the ability to focus in the face of distraction, decide between competing alternatives, and disregard irrelevant information. These essential skills are grouped together, known in brain terms as ‘executive functions’, and research suggests they develop ahead of time in bilingual children. While no one has yet identified the exact mechanism by which bilingualism boosts brain development, the advantage likely stems from the bilingual’s need to continually select the right language for a given situation.”

Which one of the following provides the best summary of the main point of the passage?

A. It is recommended to know more than one language.
B. Bilingualism has significant advantages.
C. Before deciding to study agriculture, Alam weighed his options.
D. Bilingualism contributes to the development of ‘executive functions.’
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The passage introduces two main themes: bilingualism and ‘executive functions,’ emphasizing how the two are connected. The only distractor that offers an insight into this connection is D. All three remaining distractors focus either on bilingualism or ‘executive functions,’ failing to acknowledge the essence of the passage.

CarMax Graduate / Senior MGMT Verbal Practice Question

“Science reporters today work within an evolving science media ecosystem that is more pluralistic, participatory and social. It is mostly an online environment that has challenged the historically dominant and exceptional role of science reporters as privileged conveyors of specialist information to general audiences. Compared to a decade ago, this occupational group, driven by economic imperatives and technological changes, is performing a wider plurality of roles, including those of curator, convener, and public, intellectual and civic educator, in addition to more traditional journalistic roles. Online science journalists have a more collaborative relationship with their audiences and sources and are generally adopting a more critical and interpretive stance towards the scientific community, industry, and policy-oriented organizations.”

The job of a ‘curator’ is most commonly related to:

A. Museums.
B. Politics.
C. Schools.
D. The Police.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is A.

The meaning of ‘curator’ is a ‘caretaker of collection’ or ‘conservator’, commonly used in the context of museums.

JobTestPrep provides you with the resources to help you prepare for your Camax internship or another CarMax career hiring process. The application process includes online tests, assessment day, and interviews. Start preparing yourself now for CarMax’s aptitude tests and interviews with JobTestPrep.

CarMax Application Process

Whether you apply for a CarMax internship or any other CarMax position, you will encounter several stages during the CarMax application process.

CarMax Application - You can apply online or via a recruiter and referral. If you use the CarMax online application, make sure you fill in your full details and relevant experience.

CarMax Assessment tests - In case your previous experience is relevant to the current position, you'll be invited to take the CarMax personality test. Possibly, the Mayer-Briggs personality test. This test is designed to check if your work persona fits the position profile demands. Read more about it in Carmex Assessment Test Answers & Questions.

CarMax Assessment Day - After passing the online assessment, you will be invited to the onsite assessment day. This day will probably include aptitude assessment tests: the CarMax Numerical Assessment test, the Verbal Reasoning test, and the Logical Reasoning test.

You can read about those tests in the CarMax Assessment Test Answers & Questions. Besides the assessment tests, you will be invited for a group interview or interviews with CarMax managers and/or HR and a personal interview with a CarMax manager. Read more about CarMax Interview Questions and Tips and CarMax Hiring Process.

Note: you may encounter more than one assessment during the CarMax application process. Below are CarMax assessment questions and answers to help you understand and prepare better for the hiring process.

What Are Carmax Numerical Assessments?

Normally there are two types of numerical assessments: Mathematical reasoning test and logical reasoning test.

Mathematical reasoning tests -  Allow Carmax to assess your mathematical abilities. These tests can range from the most basic mathematics to more advanced calculations. JobTestPrep offers a number of practice materials to help you brush up on and improve your numerical capabilities.

Logical reasoning tests - This Carmax assessment questions consist of abstract, diagrammatic, or inductive reasoning tests. They allow Carmax to evaluate your attention to details, evaluate information, and make decisions.  

The two Carmax numerical assessments are usually computerized and given onsite during the Carmax assessment day.  JobTestPrep has developed practice tests, learning guides, and score reports especially to help you come prepared for employers' assessment tests. 

What is the Carmax Personality Test?

The Carmax personality test seeks to draw you work personality profile. This profile is comprised of traits, for each, your result is compared to the desired one for the specific role. Many candidates don't understand which traits are tested and what is the correct approach to take a personality test.

The wrong approach and lack of knowledge of how to take such tests can heart your chance of getting accepted for a position many times is suitable for you. JobTestPrep put many efforts to build a personality test which can prepare you for most if not all employers personality test.

We also provide a practice for each trait to help you understand the traits and also perform better on interviews to come based on personality traits.  JobTestPrep also designed two learning guides and personalized report to help you pass successfully personality tests including Carmax personality test. 

What is the Carmax Verbal Reasoning Test?

Carmax Verbal Reasoning Test is designed to assess your vocabulary, comprehension and critical reasoning abilities. There are various tests can use to examine those abilities: sentence completion, unseen, spelling and more. Carmax verbal reasoning is normally held during the Carmax assessment day on a computer. 

What Are The Carmax Kenexa Tests?

Kenexa is an IBM company that provides recruitment, retention, and talent management solutions for professional companies. As such, Kenexa works with many different organizations, providing them with skills tests to be used as part of their hiring processes.

These tests assess applicants' skills for a wide range of positions, such as those in the financial, industrial, technical, clerical, software, call center, and healthcare fields. Kenexa also offers employers three aptitude tests with which to assess applicants' cognitive abilities: numerical, verbal, and logical reasoning.

In addition, Kenexa provides personality and behavioral tests to help recruiters determine if a candidate's disposition matches the requirements of the position.

Come Prepared for the Carmax Assessment Tests

Carmax Numerical assessment, personality, and aptitude tests are mandatory parts of most Carmax application processes. Start practicing with JobTestPrep professional online learning materials and get the competitive advantage you need. Prepare with us also for the Carmax interviews and assessment day. Prior preparation is key to exhibiting these qualities while you are being interviewed. Our interview PrepPack™ goes over hundreds of potential interview questions and allows you to pinpoint bad interview habits. Begin practicing today to ensure your success!

Carmax Interview Questions and Tips

Carmax interview process contains a few stages:

  • Carmax Phone Interview - After passing successfully the Carmax online application and online personality test, a Carmax corporate recruiter or a store personnel will call you. Carmax phone interview is similar to a face to face interview, usually less in depth. You will be asked questions about your experience, future career plans, and ambitions. 
  • Carmax Interview - the Carmax interview is held during the assessment day. You can be required for a panel interview. If you pass that successfully you will be invited for an interview with the direct manager or branch manager. 

Want to pass successfully the Carmax interview process? Need Carmax interview preparation? In order to pass the various interviews in Carmax and get the competitive advantage you need, start practice our interview preparation now, with videos, guides and more. 

Carmax Interview Tips

Read the Carmax Interview Tips to maximize your chances of getting hired for Carmax: 

  • The face to face interview with the direct reporter is many times in an unconventional settings like launch. The reasons for that are: under such setting you might lose your defenses and reveal your difficulties. Another reason is that the manager wants to know you as a person. Your hobbies and family. If you have reached that far, your situation is quite good. 
  • Most likely the manager in the interview would like to hear on a conflict or a challenge you had with a customer\college\manager. Think in advance on such a situation and how you dealt successfully with it to achieve better results. 

Carmax Interview Questions

Previous candidates were asked the questions below:

  • Can you name a time when you had to complete two tasks simultaneously?
  • Tell me a time when you went out of your way to make a customer happy?
  • Why are you looking for a new job now?
  • Please tell me about the most dynamic and interesting presentation you've ever given.
  • What do you know about the Vehicle Dealers industry?

Will I be Able to Use a Calculator on the Mathematical Test?

Some tests allow the use of a calculator but they do not provide one for you so you will have to bring your own. However, most math tests do not allow a calculator but will supply scratch paper, so you may want to practice doing the math section without a calculator.

When Should I Start Preparing for my Carmax Kenexa Test?

As a rule, you should start preparing yourself for the Carmax Kenexa Tests as soon as possible. Preparation is key to understanding not only the structure of the test you will need to take during the Carmax recruitment process, but also the appropriate responses to the questions that will be asked.


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