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General Information About Ford

Ford Motor Company is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan. Ford is the second largest U.S. based automaker. It employs around 200,000 employees worldwide, almost half of whom work in North America. Ford uses two different application processes for two groups of positions in the US.

Ford Preparation with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep has created a Ford pre-employment PrepPack™ to get you ready for Ford's assessment tests. Ford uses two main application processes in the US, and we offer custom tests for each one. Practice and prepare with JobTestPrep, and be sure to get to the top of the candidates list. Our Ford pre-employment practice tests, sample questions, and study guides are guaranteed to prepare you for the entire Ford application process.

Ford Application Process: Engineering & Supervisory Positions

Ford offers a variety of engineering positions: process, project, mechanical, electrical, software design, program management, product development, and more. All of these positions, including process coaches and supervisor positions, are filled using the same application process.

This process begins with three tests, after which candidates are invited to their first on-site interview. Two of the tests are designed to measure reasoning skills (numerical and verbal), while the third test assesses if a candidate's personality fits with the company's culture. As advancing in the application process is conditional on passing these tests, it is very important to prepare. Our practice pack can help you do just that.

Numerical reasoning test

The Ford numerical reasoning test is designed to measure a variety of skills and abilities. This test assesses if candidates for engineering and supervisory positions possess basic arithmetic skills, estimation skills, critical reasoning, and the ability to understand and analyze graphs and other numerical data. The test usually contains 17 questions and must be completed in 17 minutes. Because this test is aimed at high-level positions, which require strong data interpretation skills, it includes a wide array of graphs and charts. Applicants hoping to fill these positions must get used to reading this kind of data.

Verbal reasoning

The Ford verbal reasoning test, involves drawing logical conclusions from verbal information. It measures an applicant's ability to understand, analyze, and interpret information provided in a written text. This test usually includes 30 questions and needs to be completed in 17 minutes. It consists of a text followed by questions on the contents of that text. These written sections can vary in length from a few paragraphs to only a few sentences. The test-taker is requested to identify whether a statement is true or false based on the information provided, or whether the information isn’t sufficient enough to form an answer.These two tests are also called "verify tests." They are administered online, unsupervised, and verified in a shortened version at the assessment center. The second supervised test aims to vouch for the integrity of the applicant's results. The applicant's scores on the first tests are displayed to Ford as a percentile, while the second set of verification tests are graded as "Verified" or "Not Verified." Verify tests are used for the early screening of candidates. Those who fail to pass the tests will not be asked to attend an assessment center or interview. Thorough practice, however, may increase your odds of advancing in the application process. Our Ford practice pack includes Verify-style tests guaranteed to help improve your scores.

Personality test

Ford wants to evaluate each applicant's character. It is particularly important for the company to assess the cultural fit between the applicant's personality and the "One Ford" plan — the business strategy that has guided the company since 2007, which set the name for the "One Ford Assessment." According to Ford, the One Ford plan emphasizes an employee's ability to work as part of a team, to become a role model of Ford values, to foster functional and technical excellence, and to deliver results. The Ford personality test measures if an applicant's behavior matches these requirements. It tests honesty, work habits, the ability to get along with others, the willingness to work as part of a team, and if a candidate strives for excellence.This test usually consists of six questions and does not have a time limitation. There are no right or wrong answers, but answering these questions for the first time can be very confusing. You may end up making mistakes that will negatively affect your score. Practice is the best way to overcome this obstacle and ensure your chances of being offered your desired job. JobTestPrep's PrepPack™ includes a personality test that while not the same as the One Ford Assessment will still help you prepare for it.

Ford Application Process for Assembly Line Positions

The Ford application process for candidates who wish to join the assembly line and take part in the manufacturing of new vehicles consists of four tests. These tests are designed to assess if a candidate has the required skills for production. JobTestPrep offers a preparation package covering these tests. Our packs also include useful tips and information to help you pass these tests and obtain your desired job.

  1. Dexterity test – The goal of this first test is to assess an applicant's basic functional dexterity. On this test, a board is placed in front of the applicant, and he must put as many screws as he can through the holes on the board in a five-minute period. This task is not complicated, but it has to be done well. The highest possible score is 120 screws.
  2. Reading comprehension test – Two important aspects required of applicants for assembly line positions are safety awareness and attention to detail. Therefore, Ford uses a reading comprehension test to assess an applicant's ability to pay attention to and understand notices put up in the manufacturing environment. On this test, an applicant is asked to read notices that may be put up around the facility regarding safety and to show that he or she has read and understood what these notices are saying.
  3. Math test – Like in many other jobs, assembly line workers are also required to use basic arithmetic. Thus, Ford wants to assess their applicants' math skills with a specific test. This test covers basic mathematical skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, percentages, averages, and decimals. Applicants are asked to deal with simple calculation questions and word problems. The math test is considered the most feared exam for many candidates and practice could help to reduce it.
  4. Spatial reasoning test – The ability to make a distinction between each component and identify its unique structure in the factory is an essential skill for manufacturing positions. Consequently, Ford uses three sections of a spatial reasoning test in its hiring process.
    The first section measures an applicant's 3D orientation skills. It assesses whether or not a candidate understands how 3D-objects can be viewed through multiple perspectives. The applicant is tasked with finding which answer choice represents the shapes after they have been rotated in space, without changing the location of the dot on their corners.
    The second section measures an applicant's interpretation of obscure shapes. It is sometimes called "Shadows Test." The applicant is asked to look at pictures of shadows and to choose from the response options the pieces which would be the best match.
    The third section measures an applicant's matching and identification skills. In this section, pictures are presented, and the applicant is asked to choose which picture from the response options is the best match.
    All these sections should be completed as quickly as possible. Spatial reasoning tests can be tricky as they require you to identify the pattern before you can answer the question. Thus, it is recommended to practice for these sections.

For both processes, after an applicant has passed all of the tests, he or she will be invited to at least one interview (it varies between positions and placements) before hiring.

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