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Ford offers a variety of engineering positions: process, project, mechanical, electrical, software design, program management, product development, and more. All of these positions, including process coaches and supervisor positions, are filled using the same application process in the US.

This process begins with three tests, after which candidates are invited to their first on-site interview. Two of the tests are designed to measure reasoning skills (numerical and verbal), while the third test assesses if a candidate's personality fits with the company's culture. As advancing in the application process is conditional on passing these tests, it is very important to prepare. Our practice pack can help you do just that.

What's Included

  • 11 SHL-style numerical reasoning practice tests
  • 9 SHL-style verbal reasoning practice tests
  • 6 reasoning skills tests
  • 7 basic math tests
  • Full Personality profiling test
  • 50 single-trait practice tests
  • Study guides for all subjects
  • Money back guarantee-see terms and conditions
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