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About Volkswagen

Volkswagen is the biggest automaker in Europe, with one plant based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Volkswagen Chattanooga Plant operates under the Volkswagen America Group and has 2,000 employees. JobTestPrep has an aim to prepare job applicants for their pre-employment assessment at Volkswagen. Our tests and drills are timed, thus letting you practice with a stopwatch and, in so doing, improve your time record. By consulting our answer keys, you can also locate your weak points, work hard on eliminating them, and, as a result, come to your pre-employment test fully prepared. Arm yourself with our helpful materials and outmatch all other applicants also vying for your desired position.


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Volkswagen Assessment Test Format

Volkswagen has teamed up with Development Dimensions International (DDI) in order to create the Volkswagen Assessment Test. The pre-employment test screens the thousands of applicants that apply to Volkswagen every year. When the plant first opened there were over 80,000 applications for 2,000 positions. DDI created a two-part assessment test in order to best ensure that applicants fit their desired job. There is a computerized assessment test, called a Team Member Career Battery, and a hands-on mechanical aptitude assessment test.

Computerized Assessment Test

The computerized assessment test is divided into two sections

  1. Process and Quality Orientation: This section of the test is shorter and would like to get to know you thought process, and how detail oriented you may be.
  2. Team Member Career Battery: The Volkswagen Career Battery Test is comprised of three sections; situational judgment, behavioral questions, and personality questions. The situational judgment questions would like to assess how you would react to problems with co-workers, problems at the plant, etc. Behavioral questions would like to know how well you get along with others, how you like to work and what your style is. The personality test questions would like to know more about your self-confidence and competence. Questions include whether you can follow instructions well, and how often you have missed work.

Hands-On Mechanical Aptitude Test

Volkswagen also includes a hands-on mechanical aptitude assessment test in order to gauge how you would do the actual job. There are three sections to this as well:

  1. Weight Mount
  2. Bolting Exercise
  3. Wire Harness

All of these assessment tests would like to see if you know how to check for quality, have the basic mechanical aptitude, know how to follow instructions and procedure as well as have the ability to multi-task.

Volkswagen Interview Structure

It is very common to participate in several interviews prior to becoming an employee with Volkswagen. The initial interview or screening interview will most likely be held over the phone with an HR representative. In this interview, you will be asked several questions covering your availability, salary expectations, work experience, etc.

If you happen to pass the initial screening interview, you should be invited to participate in one or several face-to-face interviews which may be held either one-to-one, in a group, or before a panel.

What Format Does the Personality Test Have?

The Personality Test is a popular method of assessment adopted by many companies. Employers usually want to hire not only good specialists in their fields but also people who get along with others. Ensuring that their future employees will not exhibit such counterproductive behavior as time-wasting, pilfering, or gossiping is also on companies’ agenda. The Personality Test has numerous multiple-choice questions designed to make applicants’ personalities shine through their answers to them. There are two types of questions on the Personality Test. Job candidates are asked to imagine people’s emotional reaction to certain situations or rank their won attitudes to given statements on the scale from 1 to 10. It goes without saying that you need to give only honest, straight answers to the test’s questions lest you draw a wrong picture of yourself. Yet replying honestly does not mean you cannot prepare for the Personality Test. Our high-quality practice materials will teach you how to build a more impressive personality profile and not incriminate yourself accidentally when answering tricky questions.

What Does the SJT Tell Volkswagen About Me?

Employees will face a wide range of assessment throughout the course of their careers. Employers want to know not only what you know, but more importantly how you employ and apply that knowledge. It is for this reason that the test is also known as the professional dilemma test. Instead of looking at the SJT as a challenge, see it as an opportunity to rise above the competition.


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