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WellStar Health System’s Hiring Process

Telephone Interview

Once you apply to WellStar online, you will be contacted by its recruiters. Your phone interview with a human resources manager will be centered on your work experience and professional qualities. You will also discuss the details of the job you are applying for and review the interview process.

The Caliper Test

After the conversation with the HR manager, applicants for certain positions may need to take WellStar’s Personality Assessment, Administered by Caliper. The Caliper Assessment measures and reports on how applicants’ traits relate to job performance. It contains 180 questions and has no time limit. 

Face-to-Face Interview

Another portion of WellStar’s hiring process is a face-to-face interview in one of its hospitals. If the results of your Caliper test predict that you could be a successful WellStar employee, you will be invited for the second interview.

The second interview is usually in panel form with several heads of different departments and lead nurses, and it sometimes includes a teleconference. The interview panel lasts at least 30 minutes and revolves around different types of questions. You may be asked about your education, work history, and qualifications. You may also talk with your prospective managers about your career growth and a typical day at the hospital.

Another part of the interview is situational. You will be asked specific questions about what may happen on the job. You will be invited to assess a specific situation involving patients and provide solutions. The recruiters may also ask you technical questions relating to your area of expertise.

Note that you will be hired based on your Caliper test results and your professional behavior in the interview. Preparing for both parts of the employment process is, therefore, of paramount importance for landing the desired position at WellStar Health System.  

What Is the Caliper Personality Assessment?

The Purpose of the Test

The Caliper Personality Assessment is a test that was designed to evaluate people’s personalities and their general aptitude for the applied job. Caliper test questions aim to predict how an applicant's personality traits will impact their job performance.. The Caliper test measures individuals’ general intelligence, new skills acquisition, and ability to handle multidimensional problems. It also evaluates whether they possess traits such as assertiveness, resilience, empathy, self-discipline, skepticism, and thoroughness, among others.

Test’s Scores

Unlike other tests, the Caliper Assessment marks no answers as wrong. Hence, it is impossible to fail this test in the sense of not receiving a sufficiently high mark for it. But because the Caliper Assessment makes conclusions about applicants’ strengths, motivations, and proficiencies, it is still possible to receive negative feedback and fail to qualify for the position. Flunking the Caliper test, in the sense of appearing unfit for the job is a strong (and unpleasant) possibility. If you prepare for this test, you will discover the purpose of each question and gain insight into the qualities employers seek in their prospective employees.  

Time Limit

Another significant aspect of the Caliper Assessment is that there is no time limit to complete it. You may take from two to three hours to answer its 180 multiple-choice questions, and even be given a time extension if you need. Having unlimited time does not mean, however, that the Caliper Test is easy. Questions posed on this test can be confusing because of the use of negative or generalizing words such as “not,” “never,” and “always.” The Caliper Assessment is also much longer than other tests. You may answer some questions incorrectly and create an erroneous impression about yourself if your attention slackens as you progress towards the end of the test. 

You are expected to provide honest, impromptu answers to questions.  Although you should always reply honestly, try also to look at questions from the perspective of the employer. Gauging employers’ intentions behind every question will help you give the most pertinent answers, and thus favorably influence their hiring decision. JobTestPrep’s practice materials will teach you how to put yourself into the shoes of WellStar recruiters and increase your chances of being offered a job with the company. 

How Can You Prepare for Wellstar's Caliper Assessment?

JobTestPrep is here to help WellStar’s job applicants favorably present their strengths and capabilities on the Caliper Personality Assessment. To this end, we have designed an exclusive PrepPack™ that includes Caliper-style tests, numbers series, figural analogies, matrices tests, detailed analysis of 50 personality traits, and answer explanations. Our PrepPack™ can help you measure your abstract reasoning skills, assertiveness, empathy, self-discipline, and other qualities. Practicing with our resources could not only increase your self-awareness but also help you show your merits in the most flattering way and get a job offer.    

In order to give yourself the best possible chance of success, use our tailored Caliper PrepPack™. 

WellStar Interview Questions

The interview process at WellStar is twofold. First, you will have a telephone interview, where you will talk with the human resources manager about your working history and your prospects in the WellStar Health System. After you pass your Caliper Personality Assessment, you will be invited to the second, face-to-face interview at one of WellStar’s locations.

The second interview is a panel interview, where managers of different departments and lead nurses will analyze your skills and experience. Another part of the interview is situational. You will need to assess specific situations and suggest solutions to problems. Expect to encounter technical questions that probe your knowledge in the area of your expertise. Some of the questions asked in WellStar interviews are as follows:

  • Why do you want to work for WellStar Health System?  
  • How long do you expect to work for WellStar and why?
  • What are you afraid of while transporting a patient?  
  • What would you do if you had some confrontation with another employee?  
  • How did you deal with a difficult patient?  
  • Why did you choose the nursing profession?  
  • Can you handle a fast pace environment such the emergency room?
  • Briefly explain the following concepts: DX, interventions, orders and outcomes, sepsis, stroke, seizures, COPD, and respiratory acidosis.  
  • What do you know about patient access?  
  • What is HTML coding?
  • What is SELECT in SQL?
  • What are the differences between Tableau and QlikView?
  • What are normalization, full join, and UNION?

Formulating answers in advanced for the aforementioned and similar questions will help you sound professional and confident in the actual interview. Also, be sure to read about WellStar Health System and its mission.

About WellStar Health System

WellStar is a non-profit health system that uses innovative technology in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide array of health conditions. It offers hospital, physician, and other healthcare-related services that improve the health of individuals and communities. Headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, WellStar has eleven hospitals, 225 medical office locations, numerous outpatient centers, health parks, a pediatric center, nursing centers, and hospice and home care centers. More than 20,000 employees look after patients around the Atlanta area, and the company continues hiring across all its departments. Salaries of WellStar’s employees range from $20,000 to 130,000 a year, depending on their positions. A medical assistant earns $29,625 a year, wages of a registered nurse annually average $92,000, and a pharmacist makes $120,000 annually. 

Prepare for Your WellStart Assessment Test

Practice with the materials that JobTestPrep compiled for applicants seeking employment at WellStar and make your natural strengths and talents shine through when you take the Caliper Personality Assessment. Prepare for your test and interviews with our help and prove to recruiters that you can contribute to the development of WellStar’s health system and patients’ well-being.  

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