Walgreens Assessment Test - Practice, Examples & Tips


What Is the Walgreens Assessment Test?

The Walgreens Assessment Test is a type of computer-based test used by Walgreens to select employees. The Test includes several types of tests, including personality test, math test, word problems test, and a more job-oriented tests such as pharmacy technician test. 

Different positions at Walgreens include different types of tests and assessments depending on the tasks and skills that are needed for each position.

Here we are going to provide information about the personality tests and data entry tests used by Walgreens to screen pharmacy personnel, as well as provide a general table of the skills you should practice based on the job you are applying for.



In-Store Skills Assessment Test


This test is taken directly at the Walgreens store near you. You can schedule an appointment in a store near your home even if you are applying for a location at a different store. The specific tests may vary depending on the position you are applying to and may include a variety of skills.

The table below includes some examples of the skills that candidates for positions at Walgreens are tested on.


Position  Test

Advanced Microsoft Excel 


Numerical Reasoning Test 


Walgreens Skills Assessment 


Microsoft Excel 

Customer service positions

Walgreens Skills Assessment 

Graduate Program

Personality Test 

Leadership Positions

Personality Test 

Pharmacy Technician

Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Assessment 

Sales associate

DDI Assessment 

VP Supply Chain

Hogan Personality Test 

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Walgreens Retail Hourly Team Member Assessment

The Walgreens Retail Hourly Team Members Assessment is a behavioral test used to evaluate candidates for a range of positions at Walgreens, such as pharmacy technicians, interns, and cashiers, as well as cashiers at Duane Reade, a chain of pharmacy and convenience stores that is also owned by Walgreens’ parent company.

This test is a personality test. It is designed to assess whether you have the traits that Walgreens is looking for in its employees and interns. This is done by displaying a number of statements. You need to either rank the statements (on a scale from “Strongly Agree” to “Strongly Disagree” or select a statement that best describes you from a list.

Here are some sample questions:

Sample Question #1:

Others would say that I am typically the first person to notice when a customer needs help.

• Strongly Agree
• Agree
• Neither Agree Nor Disagree
• Disagree
• Strongly Disagree

Sample Question #2:

I want to work for a company that supports community causes.

• Strongly Agree
• Agree
• Neither Agree Nor Disagree
• Disagree
• Strongly Disagree

Sample Question #3

Which of the following statements best describes you:

• I am only interested in people if they express an interest in me first.
• I sometimes enjoy learning about other people.
• I often take time to ask people questions to get to know them better.
• I will occasionally take the time to get to know someone.
• I usually enjoy learning about other people



Walgreens Shift Lead Assessment

This test is similar to the Retail Hourly Team Member Assessment test, with one important difference: the questions are geared to those character traits that Walgreens wants to see in its junior management employees.
Here are some examples.

Sample Question #4:

Which of the following best describes you?

• Reserved and Careful
• Sensitive and Caring
• Outspoken and Demanding
• Passionate and Outgoing
• Persistent and Driven

Sample Question #5:

What is your approach to taking initiative?

• I enjoy taking action to make things happen.
• If it is a subject I know well, I will take action.
• If it appears no one else is taking action, I will.
• I am more comfortable if someone tells me what to do.
If asked, I will take action.

Sample Question #6:

Which of the following best describes you?

• Flexible
• Impulsive
• Reliable
• Stable
• Decisive

The Walgreens Shift Lead Assessment test is intended for candidates for Shift Lead and other junior leadership positions. It is a personality test that is similar to the Walgreens Retail Hourly Team Member Assessment, but the questions are evaluated for different personality traits, which are designed to be more geared towards leadership positions.

Walgreens CPO Data Entry Assessment

Data entry is an important skill for pharmacy employees, who will often need to put data into computer systems based on print or even handwritten sources. For this reason, candidates for pharmacy technician and pharmacy intern positions at Walgreens need to undergo the Walgreens CPO Data Entry assessment.

In this test, you will be required to type in data from an image that may be handwritten or just not printed very legible:

Overview of the Data Entry Practice

Data entry practice explanation: as you can see in this screenshot, there are two main parts. To the right, you can find the instructions, and to the left is the actual field you need to fill in.


sass data entry practice test


The Interview

When interviewing for a position with Walgreens, you will likely have to go through a structured interview covering real workplace scenarios in customer service, such as items being out of stock or pharmacists being absent, or other questions as related to your positions. Try to answer concisely while still covering all relevant details and include references to past experience if relevant. Taking care of patients and following corporate policy are key priorities.
For some positions, you might have to go through a second interview with someone from a relevant professional field, for instance, a pharmacy technician candidate would face a pharmacist or a pharmacy manager in their second interview.

Advice for the Walgreens Assessment

  • When scheduling an In-Store Assessment, pick a time when the store is not too busy.
  • Avoid scheduling the test too close to the opening or closing time.
  • Dress business casual – a suit is overdoing it, but you should not be looking sloppy.
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time of the test.
  • Prepare for the test in advance by working with sample questions and simulated tests.
  • Request a list of the documents that you will have to present at the interview in advance.


Our study pack includes sample questions, simulated assessment tests, and study guides for most of the subjects – customer service situational judgment tests, numeracy tests, word problems, and study guides for each subject.