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The hiring process at Walgreens includes several types of tests including personality test, math test, word problems test, and a more job-oriented tests such as pharmacy technician test. The timeframe of the application procedure, from the date of applying to the hire date, varies greatly. Some individuals report a three-day wait, while others describe a waiting period in excess of two months.

The Walgreens standardized hiring process includes:

  • Online application
  • Personality test
  • In-store skills assessment test
  • In-person interview
  • Character traits that fit Walgreens jobs

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Pharmacy Technician Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Assessment
Sales associate DDI Assessment
VP Supply Chain Hogan Personality Test
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Online Assessment Test Preparation & Tips

The Walgreens assessment test is a deciding factor in the outcome of your application process. Early preparation is essential for a comfortable testing experience.

You can familiarize yourself with the particulars of the Walgreens pre-employment exam through the preparation program of JobTestPrep. In-depth analysis of the testing format and goals, practice exam and testing tips will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed for a test result that may place you on your way to a Walgreens job.

There is one application format for in-store staff and pharmacists, and a separate format for administrative and healthcare positions.


  • Make sure you have a fast and reliable internet connection
  • Assure a quiet environment with no distractions
  • Give your honest answers instead of the answers you assume the employer would prefer. The online questions are not timed- make sure you read each question carefully
  • The online test is available 24/7- take it at an optimal time and place.

Technical Questionnaire

This section contains simple yes or no questions regarding job requirements as well as personal information questions.

First, you will be asked yes or no questions on things you are willing or not willing to do such as: "I am willing to handle demanding customers".

Next, you will have to rate how likely you are to perform a certain task- for instance, "handle multiple customers who need help quickly".

About Pre-Employment Personality Tests

When job candidates take an employment personality test, it is assumed that the candidates have never before seen the test, and therefore they are unfamiliar with the basic principles of the personality test. Practicing with simulated personality assessments prior to the actual career personality test will have a positive effect on your candidacy for the position. 

At Walgreen's, the technical questionnaire is followed by the personality test. Walgreens is interested in hiring applicants whose personality traits fit the position. This test section is comprised of multiple choice questions. On each question, a statement will be presented and you will be asked to select how well you agree with the given statement. The personality test is a significant part of the hiring and promotion process.

Why Should I Prepare for an Employment Personality Test?

While studies claim that one cannot prepare fora pre-employment personality tests, test preparation institutes for assessment centers have found, based on experience, that when job applicants come to a pre-employment personality assessment prepared, they complete tasks in an efficient and calculated manner, deal with the task at hand and complete it within a reasonable timeframe, and don’t waste precious time worrying about the nature of the test. Stress is an important factor with regard to the outcome of a personality test. It affects your responses and discloses certain information to the examiner, such as whether or not you tend to be more focused or panicked under pressure. The key to reducing stress is coming to the test prepared. If your stress level is under control, you will be able to demonstrate a coherent personality profile which amplifies your strengths, rather than your anxiety.

Walgreens Skills Assessment Test

Once you completed the application you will need to take the skills assessment test. This test is administered at a Walgreens location, most often presented online. You may realize, quite correctly, that the computerized skills assessment test will be a deciding factor in whether you are able to gain employment through Walgreens, or not. The tests are different for each position so that an applicant for a pharmacy technician job would face a different test than a customer service applicant does. The in-store section of the hiring process will test your basic math skills as well as your ability to pay attention to details. When taking the in-store tests, you will face two main tests – basic math and word problems. 

Basic Math Test

The Walgreens math test includes the simple arithmetic needed to quickly determine the correct change to return to customers and doing so using a minimal amount of bills and coins. In preparing for this exam with JobTestPrep, you will have the opportunity to review and practice your math skills. On the test, you can expect a strictly timed section- each math problem should take only 30 seconds to answer. The manager will be able to see, on a scale of one to three, how quickly you were able to answer the question, in addition to whether you answered correctly or not.

Word Problems

An additional part of the computerized skill test at Walgreens will involve word problems. Many of these word problems will test your math skills as well, such as calculating the right amount of pills to prescribe given the relevant data. Other questions will simply test your ability to reason and think clearly while paying attention to details. For instance, given a series of coupons, you will have to point out the ones that are not valid.

Character Traits that Fit Walgreens Jobs

As a company, Walgreens is concerned with a high-quality customer and community service. The sought-after traits, therefore, include Calm demeanor when under pressure, empathy, a passion to serve the public, a capacity to multi-task, ability to handle diverse customers amid angry complaints, flexibility as to daily changes in tasks, good ethics, and excellent teamwork. These are the characteristics that successful applicants portray in their assessment tests and interviews. JobTestPrep can help you to recognize the aim of questions and the implication of specific answers.

Walgreens Assessment Sample Questions

Personality Questions

1. "I am willing to handle demanding customers"


2. "Handle multiple customers who need help quickly"

I would do it and I would like it
I would do it
I would not like it but I would do it
I would not do it

The rest of this section is mainly technical and contains personal details questions- availability, prior experience, educational background etc. Keep in mind that the hiring process begins with the online application. Questions that seems to be general and technical, may affect greatly on your chances.

Basic Math Questions

3. "A customer buys product A for $55.35 and product B for $14.15. He has a 12% off coupon. What would be his final total?"

  1. $8.34
  2. $62.85
  3. $61.16
  4. $57.16

Explanation: Paying 12% off is the same as paying just 88% of the full price. First, let's convert the percent to a decimal number using the formula X_decimal=(X%)/100 Therefore 88/100=0.88 Then, let's multiply this percentage by the original total to get the final total: 0.88*69.5=$61.16.

Therefore, the correct answer is C.

4. "You are handing change in the amount of $11.30 and you need to use the minimal amount of coins and bills. How many 25c coins would you include?"

  1. None
  2. 1
  3. 2
  4. 3

Explanation: We need to find the minimal combination of coins/bills that reaches $11.30. First, we break down the amount into- $10, $1 and 30c. 

$10- the minimal way of reaching $10 is by using a $10 bill

$1- we will use $1 bill/coin

30c- we will use 25c+5c

Therefore, the correct answer is B.

In-Store Skills Assessment Test Tips

  • Arrive for the exam no less than 15 minutes early
  • The skills assessment test is available at any Walgreens store, choose the one that is suitable for you
  • Do not arrive at the store too close to opening or closing time
  • Avoid taking the in-store test during busy hours- this will allow you to interact with the staff and create a good first impression
  • Use the phone contact to ask any questions that you may have.
  • Make sure that you request a list of the documents you are required to present at the interview.
  • Appear at the interview in comfortable and standard business attire.
  • Communicate with the interviewer in a professional and pleasant manner. Eye contact, smiles, honesty, and self-confidence are all essential.
  • Present yourself as a team member and leader, not as a boss.

You can expect a structured interview containing real employment scenarios involving the fields of customer service and sales such as out of stock situations and unavailable pharmacist. You may also encounter position-specific questions. Give concise, detailed answers utilizing relevant past experience. Keep in mind that taking care of customers and adhering to Walgreens policies are priorities. For certain position, a second interview may be required. For instance, a pharmacy technician applicant would face a pharmacist or a pharmacy manager interview following the first interview.

Make a follow-up call after the interview.

  1. How would your past experience translate into success in this job?
  2. Tell me about a time when you failed.
  3. Tell me about a time when you faced an ethical dilemma.

Watch the following video for preparing to various interview questions and the proper, most suitable way to answer and behave during an in-person interview.

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