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Family Dollar Test Preparation

Considering the many career paths a Family Dollar, the hiring process may differ between positions. Here are some Family Dollar assessment tests you be administered during the hiring process:

Mathematical Reasoning Test

On this test, you will be given the description of a situation involving people who either buy some goods for a specified price or provide some services and ask certain amounts of money for them. Your task is to calculate how much money these people either spend or receive. You may need to work with full numbers, decimals, and fractions.

Verbal Reasoning Test

Companies often desire candidates who have effective communication skills – both written and verbal. Interviewers use verbal reasoning tests to assess how well an applicant uses verbal logic, as well as how accurately they are able to draw correct meanings from complex written information. This is very important in companies like Family Dollar, which are customer facing.

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Family Dollar Interviews

The interview process will vary between the various open positions at Coach. Here are some questions asked at actual recent job interviews at the company.

Sales Associate Interview

  • Q: Have you ever had a feud with co-workers and how did you work to resolve?
  • A: When answering this question, take a real-example and give it a good spine, to show how you were trying to increase productivity, for instance.
  • Q: How are you with multitasking?
  • A: Pick an example of how you managed several tasks in a time proficient manner.

Customer Service Rep Interview

  • Q: Tell me about yourself.
  • A: Don’t start talking about your hobbies, tell them what drives you professional.
  • Q: Why do you want to work with us?
  • A: Tell them about their products and what you like about the store.

Marketing Analyst Interview

  • Q: Please explain to us what Big Data Means.
  • A: The interview manager wants to know that you can identify consumer trends by looking at demographics for various products via market share and market growth.
  • Q: Give us some detail about that the last major successful project you completed?
  • A: Prepare for this answer by choosing the right example, be specific as possible and highlight your role in creating tangible outcomes.


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