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Lowes receives over 400,000 applications each year, but hires only 20,000. Each candidate goes through the process outlined below.

Lowes Assessment Tests Questions and Answers

A major part of the Lowe's hiring process is the mandatory Lowes Online Assessment Tests you must take online immediately after filling out the application. The tests usually take about 30-40 minutes to complete.

What do Lowes Aptitude Tests Include?

They consist of three sections: a personality test, situation judgement test (SJT), and an abstract thinking/cognitive test. Depending on how you score on these tests will determine whether or not you move to the In-Person Interview. With so many applicants, Lowes uses these tests to weed out candidates quickly. With our tips and practice tests, you'll be sure to put yourself ahead of the competition and ensure you land the job you're looking for.

Why Is It Important To Pass Lowes Assessment Test? 

Performing well on these tests is not only critical for advancing to the next stages of the  Lowe's hiring process, but it is crucial as well to your performance in-person interview. By understanding the Lowes assessment test questions and answers correctly, you gain a deeper understanding of the values and principles Lowes is searching for and you can then blend those into your interview answers. This shows a real identification with the companies' goals and this will boost your CV to the top of the candidate list.

The Lowes Online Assessment Test Types

Read below to learn more about Lowe's assessment tests. 

Lowes Personality Test

Lowes deploy a personality test to better screen potential employees before you can sign on the dotted line. They want to know who will perform well and those who won't. It is important to note that you should answer each question truthfully and go with the first answer that comes to mind. Overthinking questions will

Lowes SJT

Situational judgment tests (SJTs) are a popular psychological tool used by assessment companies, employers, and organizations to evaluate applicants' behavioral and cognitive abilities when introduced with hypothetical, daily work-related situations. SJTs do not consist of one uniform format and do not focus on strict criteria, but rather they serve as a tailored evaluation tool for a variety of positions and business sectors. Therefore, different companies and diverse positions within an organization require different questions and formats

Lowes Cognitive Test

The final section of the Lowes Assessment Test is a cognitive thinking test. This test is meant to assess our abstract thinking, sort of like a small IQ test. It looks for intangibles in critical thinking and will often compose of shape and pattern recognition.


How to Get a Job at Lowe's?

The Lowes assessment test is very crucial to your employment at Lowes, but it is not easy to pass. The assessment test is composed of lots of questions, all specially built to test for certain traits. The questions are made to look as though they have many possible correct answers to select for the very few who will be able to think the question through and detect the true answers. With our in depth analysis and practice tests, you'll know exactly what to expect and how to answer each question perfectly and put yourself ahead of the competition.


Lowes Online Application


For all available positions you can apply online and begin the process immediately. The whole process should take around two weeks.

  • The first section - is a standard application. After choosing a preferred job category and location, it will ask for personal details, work history, availability, criminal background and some references.
  • Following the first section, are the mandatory Lowes assessment tests that usually take about 30-40 minutes to complete. The assessment tests consist of a personality test, a situational judgement test (SJT) and an abstract thinking/cognitive test. Depending on how you score on these tests will determine whether or not you move to the In-Person Interview.

*For people applying for managerial positions, you are required to take an additional assessment test. This is an even more detailed and specialized situational judgment test, which is usually taken in-store. For cashier positions, a different in-store test is given as well to test for math skills.

Lowes In-Person Interview

If you pass the Lowe's Assessment Test, you will receive a phone call from one of the managers of the location you are applying for. You will be asked some basic questions and you will schedule a face to face interview, usually within a few days' time. To learn more about the Lowes job interview, see probable Lowes interview Lowe's interview questions and preparation.

Lowes Interviews

Look below for Lowe's interview tips, questions, and valuable information. 

After carefully sifting through the Lowes assessment test results, Lowes will call back the employees that scored well for an in-person interview. They will call by phone, and start the conversation with a few basic questions, such as “Why do you want a Lowes career?” After that, they’ll schedule a time for you to come into the store and interview, usually two or three days from the phone call.

The First Interview

All positions require a preliminary interview, that will last anywhere from 30-45 minutes. It is usually with the HR manager and the assistant manager present and they will read questions off of a printed sheet. In most cases they will alternate asking one question each, and after they finish asking ten questions or so, you will have an opportunity to ask your own questions as well. The first goal of this interview is to get to know you better.

Lowes Job Interview Questions - First Interview :

Possible Lowes interview questions are:

  • "When was a time you had to take leadership?" 
  • "Tell us about your work history and some major life experiences"

These questions are all geared to learn a little more about your skills, personality and experience than what was revealed in the Lowes Assessment Test. It’s important to sound confident in your answers and to be an honest. Feel free to use an experience where you didn’t make the correct decision but have subsequently become a greater employee because of it. Take some time before the interview to think the questions through, so if the question is sprung on you can answer with ease and comfort, and give a compelling answer to show why you’re a great candidate.

There is a second goal of the interview and it’s even more important the first; to assess what your skills in customer relations are. They’ll ask interview questions such as:

  • "Tell me about time when you had an irate customer, what did you do?" 
  • "Describe a situation when you worked to identify the needs of a customer or co-worker"

You can see the obvious trend in these questions, they are all focused on seeing whether or not you can identify the customers every need and satisfy them. Lowes prides itself on their customer based solutions and their approachable, friendly staff that can help you on your project or tackle any home improvement problem. They want to ensure their employees can keep their composure, especially in tense situations with customers. When you answer these questions, make sure you relay a sense of ease, that you resolved the situation properly and remained in control. Your answers should be customer based, and show them that the decisions you made in those situations were to help the customer, and you did so to the best of your ability without breaking any protocol or hurting the company.

The Second Interview

For Lowes managerial careers, Lowes requires a second interview with completely different goals than the first. It usually held with the HR manager and the department manager present. This interview Lowes will last about an hour, and they again will usually ask questions straight from a printed paper. This interview is meant to gauge how well you work in teams and how well can you manage the workplace.

Lowes Job Interview Questions - Second Interview

They will ask questions such as:

  • "Tell me a situation where you and your manager had a disagreement" 
  • "Tell me about a time when you worked as part of a team to accomplish something"

Lowes wants to know, not whether you can just keep order in the workplace, but rather can you inspire other to achieve more. In their high managerial positions, they want employees who can deal with conflict and resolve it leaving both parties content. They want managers who are good listeners, can think on their feet and inspire passion among their employees and help everyone reach higher goals. In your answers show how the way you make decisions boosts morale, and when presented with a difference of opinion you take the time to listen to all parties involved and make a decision that puts the overall well-being of the company first but everyone feels validated and satisfied. Give off an impression of productivity, and with you at the head, the interpersonal relationships of co-workers will increase, and therefore so will the employees' relationships to their customers.

For more Lowés interview tips and information practice our interview preparation.

What Lowes Is Looking for in an Employee

As a corporation, Lowes is committed to offer customer-valued solutions on the best products and services and at the best prices. Therefore, Lowes is looking for employees who are honest, friendly people who can satisfy their customers every need in every situation, especially under pressure. Any prior experience in customer relations or home improvement goes a long way. In their managers they are looking for calm, decisive people who work well in teams and maintain composure during conflicts. These skills are just some of what the Lowes assessment tests try to detect in their candidates, and we'll show you the secrets to ace those tests in our Lowes assessment preparation pack.

Lowe's Subsidiaries

Lowe's subsidiaries are:


Orchard Supply Hardware


ATG Stores Masters Home Improvement

Lowe's Home Centers, LLC



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