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Nike Pre-hire Tests

Depending on the position you are vying to fill within the company, you may be administered any number of tests to ensure your competency and ability to meld in the company culture. Here are a few examples.

Nike Retail Test

This is a comprehensive test, around 20 minutes comprising about 70 questions. The test enables the hiring manager to find candidates who are not only dependable and reliable but can also carry out a wide range of tasks like discount calculations, how to display products, correct match model numbers and interact with customers on the most professional of levels. Here are some test metrics.

  • Level of Math Skills
  • Level of attention you pay to details
  • Level of dependency and integrity
  • Level of service and ability to make sales

Situational Judgement Test

The situational judgment test is a great behavioural assessment because it reveals how you will respond to a range of issues that might come up on the job in real time for a variety of positions from blue collar to C-Level. Here are a few examples.

  • Management level: This test will see if you have the ability to make strategic decisions, piece link a range of variables and handle both internal and external contacts efficiently with vision and inspiration.
  • Individual Worker: The test will assess how accurately you understand team goals, ability to effectively communicate and prioritize activities among other factors.

The Nike Interview

Here are some questions you may encounter during your interview at Nike.

Sales Associate Interview Questions

  • Describe one weakens and one strength.
  • Have you ever gotten into a conversation with a random stranger?

Business System Analyst Interview

  • Have you ever used a multi-system interface, and if so, which one?
  • When documenting projects how would you use life cycle?

Senior Project Manager Interview

  • Have you ever had a project go totally wrong and what steps did you take to bring it back on course?
  • Do you have a procedure to deal with schedule slips?


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