According to Forbes, General Electric is the fourth largest company in the world. Founded in 1889 by Thomas Edison, GE is now a large, multinational corporation with offices in over 130 countries.

We believe that you are more than what an online test says about you and therefore would like to help you ace the test.

General Electric’s Application Process

Applicants may find that GE’s job application process can be a bit intimidating. With JobTestPrep’s help, the process is less intimidating. First there is the application and a video interview, which are the easy parts. Then you get to the core of the application. Three out of six steps in the application process involve assessment tests. The online assessment tests are designed to weed out applicants through the use of computerized formulas and algorithms. It is important to practice in order to familiarize yourself with GE's assessment test and prepare correctly.

General Electric Career Prospect

From aviation and energy to power and water, General Electric offers many opportunities in various fields. With over 307,000 employees, GE is one of the largest companies in North America. There are positions available for recent college graduates seeking entry level positions as well as positions for experienced professionals. JobTestPrep’s General Electric preparation package is here to help you reach your career goals.

General Electric Preparation

JobTestPrep will prepare you for the assessment tests and personality tests that you will encounter throughout the GE application process. With the GE test preparation pack you will have practice tests that with two given options. There is a step-by-step function in which we will explain to you which answer is correct and why, as well as a timed test in order to give you a taste of what the real test is like. The real assessment tests will be timed, so it is highly suggested you practice timed tests as well. Our General Electric test preparation package will help get you prepared for GE’s assessment tests and will let you go through the application with an added confidence.

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What's Included

  • Personality Test
  • Personality Professional study guide
  • Motivation and Culture Fit study guide
  • Interview preparation guide
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