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Whether you’re preparing for your graduate degree, applying for a job or planning on sending your children to a gifted children program – you are most likely to need to take a Pearson Assessments test. Here at JobTestPrep we offer extensive and user-friendly practice kits for an assortment of Pearson Assessment tests, which include full-length tests, scoring reports, and detailed solutions and explanations. Come practice and prepare for your test with JobTestPrep – your source for success.
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About Pearson

Pearson Assessments is one of the world’s largest and most dominant assessment companies, with nearly 200 years of experience in various fields. Pearson tests and study materials are used by schools, employers, and education facilities worldwide.
Pearson was established in 1844 by Samuel Pearson, and was first named S. Pearson & Son. It began its way as a construction and engineering company in Yorkshire. Since then Pearson has spread its business and has become the largest education company and the largest book publisher in the world. Pearson PLC is the current owner of Penguin Books, the Financial Times, Eddison-Wesley, eCollege, Wall Street English, and many more educational and publishing organizations.

What Kinds of Tests Does Pearson Offer?

Pearson’s test types include personality tests, aptitude tests, intelligence tests, quantitative and verbal reasoning tests, cognitive abilities tests, and many more. These tests are used for job and career assessments, graduate admissions, intelligence measurement, and to identify gifted children.
Among Pearson Assessment’s most renowned tests are GMAT, Watson-Glaser, Bennett Mechanical Test, Raven's Progressive Matrices, Miller Analogies Test, and Wechsler Intelligence Test (WAIS).

Prepare for Pearson Tests with JobTestPrep!

JobTestPrep offers a vast variety of preparation for Pearson tests, divided into two categories: job assessment tests and gifted children tests.
Here is out list of available test preparation kits:

Job Assessments

Need to take a test that doesn’t have a JobTestPrep practice kit yet? Tell us about it!

As part of our efforts to give our customers the best service possible, we at JobTestPrep are always happy to receive requests for preparation for specific tests. If you haven’t found the test prep kit you were looking for, please contact us and tell us about it.

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