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JobTestPrep’s main objective is to prepare you for a successful recruitment process with Saks Fifth Avenue. Excel in your pre-hire tests and interview using our highly comprehensive PrepPacks™ today!

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Getting You Ready for the Hiring Process?

The hiring process will generally be broken down to the Pre-interview, the interview and the post-interview stages:

  • The pre-interview stage is your preparation stage, including making questions and prepping answers, updating your resume, researching the company and the big one, making sure you are on time!
  • During the interview itself make sure you maintain good eye contact, have a strong pitch and try to give positive answers even when they question your record. Most importantly do you best to highlight your skills and don’t talk about salary till the end.
  • The post-interview is always the hardest because you want to follow up, but don’t want to sound desperate, or worse, annoy them. The next day send a short thank you note thanking them for their time and whatever you do, don’t post about the experience on Facebook.


Interview Question Examples

Whether you are vying for customer service, inventory supplier or store manager you will have to prepare for questions during your interview. Here are a few to consider.

  • Q: Are there two positive traits you wish you had? A: In this question the interviewer wants to see that are you are introspective and looking towards professional self-improvement. Connect the answer to the job.
  • Q: Do you have any major regrets? A: The company wants to see that you can learn and move on from mistakes, use a professional example.
  • Q: What would you consider your greatest achievement outside of work? A: The goal of this question is to better understand what type of person you are and your motivation levels. Keep the story short, current and real.


Pre-Hire Aptitude Tests

Why do companies employ these tests?

The Aptitude Test has recently been introduced as a part of companies’ pre-employment assessment. It is considered a more reliable method for estimating candidates’ innate abilities than trying to gauge their personalities from their résumé or interview conversation. Depending on the type of the Aptitude Test that they administrate to their prospective employees, employers may measure their numerical and verbal reasoning, situational judgment, or diagrammatical reasoning. What, therefore, employers try to evaluate is how well job applicants perform specific tasks or how they react to particular situations. There is no raw score on the Aptitude Test; that is, your score is not measured by the number of questions you got right. Rather, your score on the Aptitude Test is calculated relatively to the scores received by all job candidates taking the test with you. Because your score on the Aptitude Test hinges so conspicuously on the performance of others, it is essential to come to your pre-employment assessment well-prepared. Practice with JobTestPrep’s comprehensive resources and stand out from other candidates for your applied position.

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