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When sitting down to take your Safeway test, you will encounter questions you did not expect with timeframes you could not have anticipated. JobTestPrep’s Packs prepare you for every test eventuality, to allow you to quickly and accurately get ready to pass.

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Prepare for Your Children’s Place Interview

Before you can begin preparing for your Safeway interview there are a few things to take into consideration:

    • 1. Know what type of job you want to do and what products you would like to work with. Maybe you are an expert in the meat industry and you want to move into that sector or you understand produce and want to deal with that
    • 2. Whatever job you are vying for, make sure you can answer the questions with confidence. Let’s look at common questions asked for cashier and courtesy clerk positions at Safeway.

Cashier Interview Prep

    • Q: If a customer starts yelling at you how would you handle it?
    • A: Focus you answer on what you can do to help find a solution to the customers issues and how you can use the situation to turn the now angry customer into a better one.
    • Q: Can you handle stressful situations?
    • A: When answering this question give some examples of some professionally stressfully and busy situations you have been in and explain how you dealt with it

Courtesy Clerk Interview

    • Q: How do you understand customer service?
    • A: Explain what believe to me the ultimate goal of customer service and how within the role of Courtesy Clerk you will strengthen the affinity of company clientele.
    • Q: How do you multi-task?
    • A: Tell them how you make your goals, divide you tasks and perhaps delegate with those around you.

The Safeway Test

Here is a test you may have to take during the hiring process.

Retail Test

The test will be broken down into a self-assessment segment and a scenarios section, which will challenge you with various scenarios. So, how does this work?

  • On the self-assessment side you will be presented with tricky statements that are designed to trip you up, it is your job to grade each statements applicability to yourself.
  • On the Scenario portion of the test you will be presented with real-office scenarios and you will be presented with a number of options for best response.



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