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Gearing up for your Revlon Hiring Process

Every segment of the Revlon Hiring Process must be taken into consideration in order to increase your chances of overcoming the competition from other applications. JobTestPrep is here to help you navigate through pre-hire exams, such as Microsoft Excel and CEB’s SHL by giving you all the tools you need to succeed.

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Interview Right at Revlon

Getting the interview right is a crucial aspect of ensuring that you will pass the hiring process and get the job you want and deserve. JobTestPrep will also help you rise to this challenge as well by proving you with specialized prepack to enhance your performance during the interview.

Revlon Interview Prep Questions

  • Teach me something about our company? To best answer, this question you have to not only know what the company does and who it’s clientele are, but also the have a wider understanding of the industry on the whole. Find out who their primary competitors are and new and upcoming potential threats.
  • Do you have short-term goals? They are not asking about your golf-skills, but want to know what you want to accomplish professionally in the next couple of years. This question will provide you with a chance to explain how you plan to develop within the position.

Revlon Online Testing

Pre-hire online tests like Microsoft Excel and CEB’s SHL exams need serious preparation to pass. JobTestPrep will give you all the tools you need to boost your chances.

Microsoft Excel Exams

The Microsoft Excel Exams come in basic and advanced levels. The basic test deals with deal with basic formatting, standard tables and basic commands such as saving and printing properties (page breaks and print area definition). The Advanced test deals with formulas, macro creation and advanced formatting in the program.

CEB'S SHL-Style Numerical Reasoning Tests

You will generally be offered this test at the beginning of the process, as a way to screen the best candidates. To answer the questions correctly, you will need to exhibit your ability to solve fractions, percentages, ratios, and conversions, as presented in tables and graphs. numerical data in the form of a table or a graph, followed by multiple-choice questions relating to them.

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