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What Stages Does the Hiring Process Have at Hayneedle?

The Recruitment Process at Hayneedle is pretty straightforward and uncomplicated.

  • First, after your résumé has been screened, you will be asked to take an online assessment test. It usually includes numerical, verbal, and logical questions. If you go over the tests collected in our PrepPack™ before you show up for your test in the company, you will be fully prepared for the challenge and receive high scores. If you are applying for a position at the Call Centre, you may be administered a test evaluating your customer service skills.
  • Provided you receive high scores on all your tests, you will have a phone call with the Human Resources representative. Be prepared to walk through your résumé and answer questions pertaining to it. The recruiter may also tell you about Hayneedle and its business structure and objectives.
  • The next stage is several face-to-face interviews. During these interviews that usually take place at the company’s Omaha office, you will have an opportunity to talk with your prospective managers, team leaders, and members of the staff. Questions posed during these in-person interviews are mostly behavioral and situational. You will need to give an example of a challenging situation in your former workplace, which you successfully improved by finding the most satisfactory solution to it. In answering this type of questions, it is better to use the STAR format, since, by following it, you will give the most comprehensive answer to your interviewers. Expect also questions about your working experience.
  • If you leave a favorable impression on your recruiters, you may be offered a position. Note also that before you start working, you will be give vigorous training for your new job.

Although the recruitment process at Hayneedle seems easy, it is still advisable to prepare for it. Practice with JobTestPrep’s interview resources and familiarize yourself with the most frequently asked interview questions and the most compelling answers to them. Only by preparing clever answers in advance will you sound professional and confident during the interview at Hayneedle. To give you an idea of what you will encounter during your face-to-face interview, see the questions listed below. All of them were posed to real job candidates during their pre-employment assessment at Hayneedle.

What Questions Are Asked during the Interview at Hayneedle?

Here are several questions actually posed to job candidates interviewed at the company:

  • What is an example where you went above and beyond for a customer?
  • What is an example of a time you messed up at work but owned up to your mistake?  
  • What makes you the best candidate for the position?  
  • If you had a superpower, what would it be?  
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What leadership style do you have?
  • What leadership style do you prefer in your boss?
  • How can your past experiences most positively affect your new role?  
  • What is your spirit animal? 

This is only a fraction of the questions you may be asked during your conversation with recruiters. To learn more about interviews and receive valuable tips on how to conduct yourself confidently and professionally, check out JobTestPrep’s interview resources. They will fully prepare you for your upcoming interview at Hayneedle.

What Tests Are Administered during the Pre-Hire Assessment at Hayneedle?

There are several tests that you may encounter during your pre-employment examination at the company. Depending on the position for which you applied, you may be invited to take the Numerical Reasoning Test, the Verbal Reasoning Test, the Abstract Reasoning test, or tests evaluating your customer services skills.

The Numerical Reasoning Test

This Test is designed to measure how well you understand and process information contained in charts, diagrams, and statistical tables. On the test, you will be presented with charts or diagrams, or tables appearing on the left hand-side of your computer screen. On its right hand-side, you will have a list of questions, each of which will be accompanied by several answers. Note that only one of these answers is correct. While answering the given questions, you will need to perform such basic calculations as subtracting, adding, dividing, and multiplying. You will also work with full numbers, fractions, decimals, and percentages. The Numerical Reasoning Test is strictly limited. You will need to think and calculate fast, since you will not be given time extension on your test.

JobTestPrep has a mission to lead job candidates to the successful culmination of their pre-employment assessment. To this end, we tirelessly develop sophisticated test simulations that you can purchase from us and, having practiced with them, do exceptionally well on your upcoming examination.


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