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What's Included

  • A comprehensive personality test preparation
  • 5 customer service situational judgement tests
  • 2 full length cognitive ability tests (60QX2)
  • Over 690 additional practice questions in various subjects including both verbal and numerical reasoning exercises
  • Full answers and explanations for every question
  • Score reports - see how you perform in relation to other candidates
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DSW is one of largest shoe retailers in the country, hiring about 3,000 new employees each year, but chooses from over 15,000 applicants. DSW has a strict selection process to get only the right employees to fill their positions. They rely heavily on the DSW Assessment test, as well as the in-store Interview to look for certain traits in their employees. With our assessment test prep and practice guides, you'll be sure to get that DSW job you're looking for. Keep reading to learn more on DSW assessment tests in DSW Assessment Answers and Questions

DSW Assessments Answers and Questions

Why should you prepare for the DSW Assessment Tests?

If you apply for DSW internship or other DSW job, you should know the DSW assessment tests are very crucial to your employment at DSW, but they are not easy to pass.

DSW looks for very specific qualities in their employees, so after sifting carefully through the DSW Assessment Test results they call back employees with the best test scores. A manager from the location your applying at will call you and start by asking a few basic questions. After that, they’ll schedule a time for you to come into the store and interview face to face, usually two or three days from the phone call.

What are DSW tests?

DSW tests composed of lots of questions, all specially built to test for certain traits. The questions are made to look as though they have many possible correct answers to select for the few who will be able to think the question through and detect the true answers. With our in depth analysis and practice tests, you'll know better what to expect and which DSW online answers to select and put yourself ahead of the competition.


Prepare for the DSW Assessment

Start practicing today for the DSW assessment tests and DSW jobs interview and see results!


Online DSW Application

For all available positions in the DSW application you can apply online and begin the process immediately. The whole process should take around two weeks.

  • The first section - is a standard application. After choosing a preferred job category and location, it will ask for personal details, work history, availability, criminal background and some references.
  • Following the first section, are the mandatory DSW assessment tests that usually take about 30-40 minutes to complete. The assessment tests consist of a personality test, a situation judgement test (SJT) and an abstract thinking/cognitive test. Depending on how you score on these tests will determine whether or not you move to the In-Person Interview.

*For people applying for managerial positions, you are required to take an additional assessment test. This is an even more detailed and specialized situational judgement test, which is usually taken in-store. For cashier positions, a different in-store test is given as well to test for math skills.

DSW Job Interviews:

 There are different DSW interviews and these are detailed below:

In-Person DSW Interview

If you pass the DSW Assessment Test, you will receive a phone call from one of the managers of the location you are applying for. You will be asked some basic questions and you will schedule a face to face interview, usually within a few days' time.

The First DSW Interview

All positions require a preliminary interview that will last anywhere from 30-45 minutes. It is usually with the HR manager and the assistant manager present. In most cases they will alternate asking one question each, and after they finish asking ten questions or so, you will have an opportunity to ask your own questions as well. The first goal of this interview is to get to know you better and assess whether you are a good fit for the company.

DSW Interview Questions - First Interview

Possible DSW interview questions are:

  • "When was a time you had to take leadership?" 
  • "Tell us about your work history and some major life experiences"

These questions are all geared to learn a little more about your skills, personality and experience than what was revealed in the DSW Assessment Test. However, you can tell some questions are unique. These interview questions also test your creativity, how much you identify with the company, and what are some of your core values. DSW's secret to success is having employees who truly love shoes and accessories and use that passion to engage customers and bring a level of fun and simplicity to the store. In your answers, you want to sound honest, earnest, and fun. Feel free to give a cute answer, that shows you really know your styles and how a style can fit a personality. Successful answers sometimes include mentioning different shoes for different emotions. They don’t want employees who just know brands, they want excited optimistic people who are true shoe lovers. Click here to recieve our professional interview preparation and ace DSW interviews. 

The Second Interview

For those looking for a DSW managerial career, applicants must take a second, in-store assessment test. This test is the same basic structure as the one taken during application and consists of a personality test and a SJT, just with more complex questions and a more detailed survey. Afterwards, usually on the same day, there will be a second interview, usually with the Department manager and the HR manager present. In the first interview they assessed your personality and values on an individual level, now they want to see whether or not you can convey these values to the workplace.

DSW Interview Questions - Second Interview

Possible interview questions are:

  • "Tell me a situation where you and your manager had a disagreement" 
  • "Tell me about a time when you worked as part of a team to accomplish something"

These questions have a common theme; can your leadership help instill the core DSW values in your employees and make the store the best it can be. You want to sound humble, intelligent and motivated. You want to express your skills in customer service and in interpersonal relations. You want to assure you can listen well and are approachable, and the DSW values of honesty, accountability and collaboration are your top priorities. Finally, you want to sound passionate, both about shoes, service, and excellence. You want to ensure the high management the store success is also your personal success, and you are passionate about the mission; bringing the best and most stylish shoes and accessories to everyone at the best prices.

What DSW looks for in an Employee

DSW looks for great people with deep values and a whole lot of shoe love. They want their employment candidates to have spirit of engagement, optimism, excitement, and fun. They want a simple relaxed atmosphere where customers can get the best deals every day on a huge assortment of shoes and accessories for men and women of all ages. Therefore, DSW needs employees who are also approachable, friendly, humble, and most important- love shoes.

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