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When you apply for a position at Coach you have to prepare more than a great resume. Get fully prepared to pass both pre-hire tests and an often-difficult interview process. JobTestPrep has developed a complete and comprehensive guide designed to help you tackle all aspects of the hiring process. Your success is our success.

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Coach Test Preparation

Here are a few tests that you may be administered during your hiring process, depending on the level of the position in question:

Personality Test

This assessment is used to measure certain job-specific personality traits sought after by Coach. It should be noted that although there are technically no right or wrong answers in a personality assessment, certain responses can negatively impact your overall workplace personality profile.

Excel Test

In a sales type job, extensive knowledge of Excel will be to your advantage and employers want to ensure your proficiency in the program. This means maintaining a strong understanding of the structure and functions of Microsoft Excel and be able to successfully reference the right inputs for the right results.

Coach Interviews

The interview process will vary between the various open positions at Coach. Here are some questions asked at actual recent job interviews at the company.

Sales Associate Interview

  • Q: Why do you believe that Coach is a valuable company?
  • A: When answering this question think about the value they bring to their customers?
  • Q: Do you have previous sales experience?
  • A: Don’t just mention where you work, but talk about the number of sales you made and interaction with customers.

Retail Sales Interview

  • Q: If you had to choose a favorite designer who would it be?
  • A: Here they want to see that you are in touch with the industry. Don’t just throw out a name, but explain why you choose that designer.
  • Q: Tell me about the best customer service experience you have had and which company provided it?
  • A: Here they want to see if you know the ins and outs of dealing with customers. Show how you could incorporate those experiences at Coach.

Executive Assistant Interview

  • Q: What makes a successful multi-tasker?
  • A: Give them prior examples of how you made sense and order numerous tasks in impossible time-frames.
  • Q: Why did you send Coach your resume?
  • A: Tell them why you value the company and how you identify with its mission and values.


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