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About BevMo

BevMo is a Liquor store chain that sells mainly alcoholic beverage. BevMo is headquartered in Concord, California, plus more than 165 stores located all over California, Washington, and Arizona.

Available positions

Among the open careers in BevMo, you will find the following:

Marketing Promotional Plan Manager Sr. Director, FP&A, and Pricing
Assistant Store Manager Head Clerk

Advantages in working at BevMo

The workers enjoy:

Flexible schedule Nice and organized environment
Great management and coworkers Extensive knowledge

How to Prepare for the Hiring Process at BevMo?

The BevMo recruitment process changes from one job to another. These are the main steps:

  • Online Application: Send your updated resume to the role you are interested in.
  • Phone Interview: The recruiter will call you to schedule an onsite meeting.
  • Onsite Interview: An interview with your direct manager.
  • Exams: You might be asked to take the Caliper test, as well as other assessments.

Aptitude Tests at BevMo

The different tests required depend on your experience, level, the applied position, and other parameters. Pay attention to:

Other assessments could be:

  • Verbal: Examines your language abilities: Vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, text analysis and spelling.
  • Excel: Tests your excel level.

Study with our products, because the assessments above are usually time-limited, hence the more you practice in advance – the better.

BevMo’s Interview Questions

Before the interview, prepare for questions such as: 

  • What do you know about BevMo?
  • How do you deal with dissatisfied clients? (Examples might be given, or you would be asked to give examples.)
  • How would you describe good customer service?
  • Why are you interested to work with us? 

Also, you can prepare by using the interview tips and other relevant tools included in JobTestPrep’s product.

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