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How Can JobTestPrep Help?

JobTestPrep helps job candidates become hired by offering to prepare them for their pre-employment assessment. We have researched on Ann Sacks, the daughter company of Kohler Interiors, and its recruitment process. Having established that Ann Sacks’s job applicants take the Caliper Test, we developed tests accurately modelled on the original Caliper Test. When they practice with our Caliper-style test, job applicants can get clear understanding of what to expect on the actual test and what types of questions are posed on it. While studying with our resources, they can also understand what Ann Sacks’s employers are looking for in their potential employees and see the reason behind each question. Knowing what traits your employers appreciate in their employees will help you zero in on these specific traits and develop them, if you discover, while practicing, that you find them wanting in yourself.

JobTestPrep does not stop at helping job candidates only with tests. We know that Ann Sacks’s employers make their hiring decision not only based on applicants’ test results but also on the impression they create during their interviews. Therefore, they approach interviewing highly seriously, making it a truly complex process. Applicants often go through as many as 5 interviews, after each of which they are in danger of being eliminated from the competition. We want applicants to reach the final interview and receive a job offer after it. To assist them with passing every stage of their interview process, we have added to our PrepPack™ interview materials containing answers to the most frequently asked questions and tips on how to behave properly during the interview. Go through our resources and impress your recruiters at Ann Sacks with your professionalism and interesting personality.

What Is the Caliper Test?

This test is a type of a psychological assessment that employers use to ascertain how talented their job applicants are and how their personalities would fit the type of work they are expected to do in the company. The Caliper Test contains 180 questions which you may answer without any time limitations. Usually, applicants complete the Caliper test within two hours. Note that, as on any personality assessment, there are no right or wrong answers. Questions posed on the test simply require you to describe yourself. Yet this does not mean that these questions are easy to answer.

You will be required to characterize yourself by choosing among several alternative characteristics the trait that best describes you. The main difficulty of this task is that often you will need to choose among equally positive adjectives rather than between negative and positive ones. If you are given a choice between two polar qualities – say, between “lazy” and “workaholic” – you will easily pick up the adjective that better describes your willingness to exhort yourself in the workplace. But if you are asked to choose between such words as “responsible,” “hard-working,” “charismatic,” and “motivated,” the choice may prove difficult, because you may think of yourself as possessing all these traits in equal measure. Then you will need to weigh which of these positive qualities still characterize you more strongly and choose one of them. Which trait you consider dominant in you will tell a lot about you to your recruiters.  

The tasks on the Caliper Test are not limited to choosing between different words. You may also have pattern recognition tasks that include analyzing geometrical shapes and numbers. Do not feel frustrated, if you cannot solve some of pattern recognition tasks. The truth is that some of these questions may be purposefully designed to be unsolvable to ascertain how you face challenges and how you behave in difficult situations. Do not feel discouraged, then, but try to answer a difficult question anyway. Even if your answer is incorrect, your persistence will show your personality in the most favorable light.

Your answers will be analyzed by a team of experts specifically trained to evaluate the Caliper Test. They will be looking for the best fit for the advertised position. Even though you have to describe yourself honestly, you will create a more accurate personality profile, if you practice before you take the actual test. JobTestPrep contains all needed resources to help you succeed on your Caliper Test and become shortlisted for the company’s interviews.

Ann Sacks’s Recruitment Process

Employers at Ann Sacks put forth an effort to hire people who will represent their company most efficiently. The company’s recruitment process is, therefore, complex:

  • After you have applied for your chosen position at Ann Sacks, you will be invited for a phone interview with a recruitment manager. You will discuss your educational background and your previous working experience. Do not forget also to stress your interest in design, artistry, and craftsmanship, since this is a crucial quality for excelling in your role.
  • The next step is the Caliper Test. Practice with our test simulations to familiarize yourself with the test’s format and learn to build an impressive personality profile.
  • If your Caliper test’s results are good, you will be invited for a sequel of face-to-face interviews. You may have as many as 4 or 5 interviews. As a rule, your first in-person interview will be with the Human Resources manager. On the second one, expect to talk with a showroom manager. The third interview will be with one of the higher managers of Ann Sacks. On the forth, you may again meet with the Human Resources representatives. Recruiters will also give you a tour around showrooms.
  • In some cases, you may be invited for a video interview with a psychologist. This interview may be based on Myers Briggs’s test.
  • When you pass all interviews, your candidacy may need to be approved by Kohler Interiors, whose subsidiary company Ann Sacks is.
  • The last stage is the background check. Once you pass it, you may start negotiating your salary.

JobTestPrep designs its test simulations with utmost precision. Invest into our sophisticated PrepPack™ and start enjoying the stylish ceramic, stone, porcelain, and concrete collections in your workplace at Ann Sacks’.  

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