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What is the TD Online Assessment?

TD Assessment test depends on the desired position, and would usually include either numerical reasoning or personality sections or both. Among the TD tests are the Bank teller test, personality test, data analysis test, or an Excel skills assessment. 

TD Bank Hiring Process 

TD Bank has a high demand for positions such as Customer Service Representative, Bank Teller, Analyst, and Manager. Similar to the assessment, the hiring process may vary depending on the job.

The general TD bank hiring process is as follows:

  • Online application
  • Online assessment test - For customer service positions it can be a Situational Judgment Test (detailed below), for tellers - a Bank Teller Simulation, for analysis of excel mastery check. 
  • HR phone interview - In this stage, the HR representative views with you your CV and your willingness to work at TD Bank.
  • Face to Face interview/Group assessment - For Customer Service, Bank Teller positions group assessment is common. 
  • Drug Test

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TD Bank Assessment Sample Questions


Bank Teller Numerical Reasoning Question

Mathematical Reasoning - Math word problems in which you will need to figure out and implement the correct method to solve a math problem presented in the form of a story.

James and Scott are colleagues. James has both a checking account and a mutual fund account. The ratio between the amounts he deposits in his accounts is 5:2, respectively. Scott has similar accounts, but the ratio between the amounts he deposits in his accounts is 4:3, respectively. Assuming that they both deposit the same amount in their mutual fund account, what is the ratio between the total amounts James deposits in his accounts and the amounts Scott does?

A. 2:3
B. 9:7
C. 3:2
D. 15:8


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The correct answer is C.
We can name the amount James deposits J and the amount Scott deposits S.
Since we know that the amounts James and Scott invest in their mutual fund account are equal, we can simply compare their ratios:
2J = 3S       Divide each side by 2
J = 3/2S      Divide each side by S
J/S = 3/2
J:S = 3:2

Another way to view this question is to use a ratio table:
  Checking account Mutual fund account
James 5 2
Scott 4 3

Since we know that the amounts they deposit in their mutual fund accounts are equal, we can modify the table so that it will indicate this equality - If we expand the sums in James' accounts by 3 and in Scott's account by 2, the sums in their mutual accounts would be equal (=6), yet the ratios between their checking and mutual fund accounts will remain:

  Checking account Mutual fund account
James 15 6
Scott 8 6

The ratio between the amount James deposits into his accounts and the amount Scott deposits into his accounts can be calculated by comparing the total of their accounts:
James: 15+6=21
Scott: 8+6=14
The ratio between the amount James deposits into his account and the amount Scott does is 21:14; reduced by 7 - 3:2.


Bank Teller Situational Judgment Question

The goal of the Situational Judgment Tests (SJT) is to assess the relevant behavioral and cognitive abilities of candidates when faced with hypothetical, daily work-related situations. This also assesses the competencies and personality traits of potential candidates. The questions provide a scenario of a situation that is common in the specific field and candidates are to select the answer choice that best represents how s/he would behave or what s/he believes to be the best course of action.

A New Regulation

any customers have been complaining about one of the bank's regulations. You agree and have found a way to satisfy the customers while adhering to the bank's policies. What do you do?

A. I use my solution instead of adhering to this regulation. My customers will be happy and the management will appreciate the creativity.
B. I discuss this policy with my supervisor and suggest my solution.
C. I comply with the policy. As a bank employee, it's important that I follow the bank's rules and regulations.
D. I write an email to the customer service department to inform them of the customers' complaints regarding this policy.


The Best Answer Is:

The best answer is B.


This question is about coping with changes and with regulations. The core competencies being tested here are conscientiousness and openness to experience (being flexible and adapting to change). The secondary competencies are following procedures and being proactive. Let’s examine our options: 

A – This course of action shows creativity and proactivity as you find a new solution. However, this course of action is also problematic as you have made a decision and ignored bank procedures.
B – This is a good option, as you display creativity and proactivity by finding a solution, pitching it to your supervisor, and not ignoring bank procedures.
C – This answer choice shows that you follow regulations, but that you are also passive, as you don’t take action to improve the situation.
D – Here you both follow regulations and take action. However, writing an email to customer service is probably not the most efficient way to address this problem. It is better to personally contact the responsible department or to pass it on via your supervisor.

We are left with B and D. Comparing the two, B is more proactive than D. While both options choices follow the bank procedure and take action, in D you simply point out an issue in a relatively passive manner (writing an e-mail). In B, you take initiative by discussing the issue with your supervisor and offering a solution.


Sample Personality Test Questions

The following question is a sample question you'll likely see in some variation on your Personality Assessment:

personality sample question

How to Answer Personality Questions? 

The question above measures your level of assertiveness. Based on your answer here and on similar items that measure assertiveness, you'll receive a score indicating If you are within the desired range for the job. Eventually, the personality test results would show your behavioral tendencies related to numerous traits. To be found as a great fit, you should practice answering within your job's ideal range for that evaluated trait.

For example, when applying for a management position, employers expect a relatively high level of assertiveness. Choosing the disagree/agree rating would show that you have what it takes to lead and manage. However, answering agree/strongly agree would indicate that you do not easily express your opinions and desires and prefer to let others manage the course of affairs.

TD Interview Tips

TD Bank Teller and Customer Service Interview Questions 

Previous candidates were asked the questions below:

  • Try to describe what is your greatest achievement from the last 5 years.  
  • Why would you like to work at TD Bank?
  • What do you already know about TD Bank?
  • Describe me a situation in which you had to cope with an irritating client.
  • Did you have monthly sales targets in your previous work?
  • How would you manage multiple customers at the same time?

TD Bank Hiring Process Questions and Answers

What should I emphasize during my TD Bank interview?

Typically you should emphasize why you are the correct choice for the job. You should bring in good examples from past experiences to show that you have the skills needed to succeed. Use the STAR method (link to STAR method page) to answer questions as this provides a complete picture and is an engaging way to answer.

Why should I prepare for the assessment test?

Preparing for the test will help will improve your scores and give you the edge you need to gain the job.

What is TD Bank's hiring process like?

TD Bank hiring processes follow similar patterns for each type of recruitment, but the exercises you will encounter depend on the level you are applying to. There are also some differences at each level between technical recruitment and business roles. You can be requested to attend an interview and complete aptitude tests.

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