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Leadership Personality Test

About the test:  You will receive behavioural statements and be asked to rate your level of agreement with each one. Different tests might use different rating scales- from two options (agree/disagree) up to 7 options (strongly disagree- strongly agree). A famous personality test in a similar form is the korn ferry assessment. 


What it measures: Most personality tests are based on the "big-5" model. That is, they assess 5 main personality traits: extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, openness, and conscientiousness, which indicate your ability to lead, possible strengths, and weaknesses.  


How to prepare for it: The best way to successfully pass leadership personality tests is to recognize which answers indicate those abilities that are essential for being a good leader. This can only be achieved by practicing and getting insightful feedback. 


How it looks on our practice pack:



The personality report with trait-specific feedback, produced once completing the test: 





Leadership SJT Tests

About the test:  You will be presented with work-related scenarios followed by a series of optional responses. Then, you will be asked to rate or choose the best possible responses. 


What it measures: Your response to specific scenarios shows core leadership abilities such as how effective you are at building a team, communicating, and responding to different problems.


How to prepare for it: The best way to prepare for the SJT test is to go over as many possible scenarios, learn what kind of abilities and approaches they measure and what are the most effective solutions. 


How it looks like on our practice pack:



To learn about different types of leadership assessments, go to our full Leadership Assessments Guide. If you want to practice for free some other famous leadership tests, check out our free Korn Ferry leadership test. 

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