BCG Pymetrics Test practice with Interactive Simulation [2023]

What is the BCG Pymetrics Test?

The first step in the consultant application process, right after submitting the online application, is the Pymetrics assessment. You will be asked to play 12 games, each one lasts about 1-3 minutes, and altogether it will take you around 30 minutes to complete.

Note: Once getting the email invitation to play the BCG Pymetrics games, you have 48 hours to complete them, so don’t wait too long.

The goal of this series of neuroscience games is to measure the candidate’s personality, using 91 social, cognitive, and behavioral traits. Your personality profile is then compared to top-performing consultants already working at BCG, and you are given a compatibility score.

If you are found compatible enough – you move on to the first-round interviews.

Why Does BCG Use Pymetrics?

Pymetrics BCG is a tool to measure personality and get familiar with the candidate’s soft skills, those the CV does not reveal.

There are numerous ways to solve a problem, and there is no one perfect answer. They want as many different thinkers as possible on their team to be able to come up with the optimal solution.

Pymetrics does just that, it uncovers the way you approach a problem, and how you go about solving it.

For example, let's check out a game from the test and see how it works.

Tower Game

In this game, you are presented with three towers of disks in different colors, and an image of the target, which is the way the disks are supposed to be arranged. Your job is to rearrange it so it fits the target. The only rule is that you can move one disk at a time, and only one of the top disks.

Tower Game Pymetrics BCG

There are numerous ways to approach this problem. The AI algorithm is looking at the way each candidate makes a decision - how long do they take to strategize their moves, what path do they choose to take, how many moves they made in total, and how many times they have gone back and forth with the same moves.

To evaluate the candidate the algorithm compares each performance to the benchmark set by BCG's top performers and ranks each candidate in relation to other candidates. Every move counts, every second is taken into account.

Our preparation pack is the only one that allows you to accurately practice the exact same game you will encounter in your BCG hiring process. At the end of each practice run, you will get tips and recommendations as to how to improve your performance, and you will be able to practice again and again until you get it right.

Don't miss your chance to practice before taking the real test.


What Does BCG Look for in Pymetrics?

BCG is looking to find out how you solve problems, how you strategize your moves, how risk averse are you, and basically how well do you fit their culture.

Take a look at the BCG core values to get a sense of what kind of employees they are looking for:

  • Integrity
  • Respect for the Individual
  • Diversity
  • Clients come first
  • The strategic perspective
  • Value delivery
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Expanding the art of the possible
  • Social impact

If you read between the lines, you can understand they are looking for team players, who plan their strategy before doing something, with a creative point of view to approach a problem and are always seeking to add value to their clients.

For example, in the Tower Game, we just talked about, your Strategic perspective is being measured. Your ability to build a strategy is compared to that of other candidates and is taken into account when making a decision.

In our preparation pack, you will learn how each game influences your score on each personality trait. without proper practice, and understanding of how each game works, your chances to pass the test are quite slim.

Take a look at the BCG Pymetrics FAQ’s to better understand how they perceive it.

How do You Pass the BCG Pymetrics Test?

With every move you make being looked at, it’s almost impossible to game the system without proper preparation. And to prepare for it without interactive simulations, that look like the real games, is bound to fail.

For instance, let’s take a look at a “simple” game from the test. So simple, that it seems stupid to a lot of candidates. But that’s just because they don’t understand it well enough.

Keypress Game

This game can be explained in a sentence:
When you see the GO! message, press the spacebar repeatedly as quickly as possible until you are told to stop.

That’s it. Or is it?

BCG Pymetrics Keypress Game

In our BCG Pymetrics practice pack, you will have the chance to play for yourself. After you finish, you will get a personalized report, detailing the parameters that are being measured in this game.

BCG Pymetrics Keypress Report

In this game, for example, you are measured by how many times you pressed the spacebar before you were told to do so, or after you were told to stop.

You will have access to our full guide about the game, including explanations and Pymetrics games tips, such as this one:

In this game you are measured also on your ability to process instructions and on your impulsivity.

Pressing the spacebar before and after you were told to do so implies you are an impulsive person and that your process time is slow.

After getting your report you can go back and practice as much as you like and improve your performance.

Improve your score using JobTestPrep’s BCG Pymetrics practice, the only available practice with accurate simulations – just like in the real assessment.


Go to our Pymetrics Games page to learn more about the full list of games.

What Happens After You Complete the BCG Pymetrics Assessment?

Once you complete the assessment, it is submitted to BCG, along with your online application.

BCG declared that no one will be disqualified solely based on their Pymetrics performance, but we know of many candidates that were not passed along after the games.

If you manage to hit the benchmark, then you start a few rounds of interviews. Each round includes two different types of interviews:

  • Case study – in this type of interview you will be presented with a real problem the BCG consultancy team is working on, and you will have to analyze it and explain how you would approach it. Expect to work through several case studies, a few in each round.

    To read more about the case interviews, check out the BCG website, where they offer preparation material.

  • Fit – these are more behavioral interviews in nature, that are used to determine your fit as a person to the firm. Candidates tend to put most of their effort in the case studies and overlook the fit interviews. In reality, both carry the same weight in your application process, so don’t neglect it.

After a few rounds of these two types of interviews, conducted by different levels of BCG personnel, you will hopefully get an offer.

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