Prepare for the PSV20 Personality Test
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PSV20 Parent Company

AssessFirst developed the PSV20 with the goal of quickly and easily measuring 20 work-related behavioral factors that have proven to be essential for the effective performance of all types of jobs. While AssessFirst is located in Paris, France, it retains a global reach. PSV20 has maintained its popularity as a pre-employment selection device due to its simplicity, shortness, clarity, and performance-predictive results.

Format and Content of PSV20

First let’s take a look at the meaning of the test name - initials and number: PSV is the acronym for Personal Style Viewer. The number 20 stands for the 20 behavioral factors that are measured by the PSV20. The questionnaire aims to identify the candidate whose personal style best matches the culture and needs of the corporation/team/position. It also aims to point out those candidates whose personal style are definitely not a corporate fit.

The PSV20 is computer formatted. There are a total of 90 items on this assessment, several items per every factor analyzed. Most items are repeated two or three times using different wording. Therefore, it is important be consistent in your selections.

There are two statements to each question. Your task is to pick the one that most closely describes your attitudes, behaviors, or preferences. Make sure to answer in accordance with your working life.

PSV20 Factors

This personality test is based on the Big Five model: openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism (OCEAN). Using altered names for the primary factors, PSV20 establishes several specific characteristics for each:

  • Creativity/Adaptability (Openness) – preference for diverse tasks, open to abstract ideas, inventiveness, and flexibility as to changing circumstances
  • Work Ethic (Conscientiousness) – organization, detail-oriented, perseverance, goes above and beyond expectations
  • Leadership/Influence (Extroversion) – natural leader, interested in convincing others, prefers being with other people, and diplomatic
  • Taking Others into Account (Agreeableness) – effective interpersonal relations, open to the perceptions of other people, accepts criticism, and consults with others to formulate decisions
  • Personal Balance (Neuroticism) – remains calm under stress, prioritizes positive thoughts and actions, controls emotional reactions, and seeks stability

Sample PSV20 Items

While taking PSV20, focus on your professional skillset. The following samples reflect the types of items found on PSV20:

  1. I am best able to
    1. Convince others of my perceptions
    2. Develop new relationships
  2. I seek
    1. A good relationship with my coworkers
    2. Critical analysis of my projects
  3. I prefer connecting with those who are
    1. Intelligent
    2. Flexible
  4. Primarily I am
    1. Thorough
    2. Independent

Preparing for PSV20

The reason so many people take the time and make the effort to prepare for personality assessments is to dispel the anxiety that comes with every test. If you practice on sample PSV20 tests, then by the time you appear for the actual questionnaire, you will know what to expect and will feel comfortable with the types of questions and the exam format. The Big Five Personality Tests can help you.


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