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Newcastle Personality Assessor

The Newcastle Personality Assessor (NPA) allows you to assess yourself on the big five personality dimensions: Extraversion, Neuroticism, Conscientious, Agreeableness, and Openness. The Newcastle Personality Assessor is comprised of 10 items which you have to rate on a scale of Very Likely to Very Unlikely.

Below are the items which you will be asked on the Newcastle Personality Assessor:

1. Start a conversation with a stranger
2. Make sure others are comfortable and happy
3. Use difficult words
4. Prepare for things in advance
5. Feel blue or depressed
6. Plan parties or social events
7. Insult people
8. Think about philosophical or social questions
9. Let things get into a mess
10. Feel stressed or worried

Five & Ten Item Personality Inventory

The Ten Item Personality Inventory (TIPI) and the Five Item Personality Inventory (FIPI) are other short personality tests. They were both designed to assess the traits defined by the Five Factor Theory of Personality. The traits and their characteristics are:

  • Openness – originality, curiosity and ingenuity.
  • Conscientiousness – orderliness, responsibility, and dependability.
  • Extraversion – talkativeness, assertiveness, and energy.
  • Agreeableness – good-naturedness, cooperativeness, and trust.
  • Neuroticism – upsetability and the polar opposite of emotional stability.

The Ten Item Personality Inventory consists of 10 items that state "I see myself as…" You then have to rate each statement on a 7-point scale from Disagree Strongly to Agree Strongly.

Below are the questions found on the TIPI:

I see myself as...
1. Extraverted, enthusiastic.
2. Critical, quarrelsome.
3. Dependable, self-disciplined.
4. Anxious, easily upset.
5. Open to new experiences, complex.
6. Reserved, quiet.
7. Sympathetic, warm.
8. Disorganized, careless.
9. Calm, emotionally stable.
10. Conventional, uncreative.

The Five Item Personality Inventory is the same as the TIPI, but with 5 items. Since it is so short, it is recommended to take the TIPI instead.

Prepare with JobTestPrep

Our personality practice tests will prepare you for any of the personality tests listed above. We not only provide a score report for our personality tests, but we also provide explanations for each scale.

One of our new features is an ideal personality profile guide that not only matches your scores to the ideal scores, but also gives you an idea of what traits are looked for in specific job positions. This new guide is guaranteed to help you get the score you need for whatever job you are applying for.

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