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What You'll Get

  • 18 reading comprehension practice tests
  • 19 mathematical tests and drills
  • 3 tables and graphs practice tests 
  • 1 Excel tutorial
  • 2 SJT’s
  • 1 full personality test
  • 4 personality study guides
  • 2 interview guides
  • Interview preparation


Prepare for the JP Morgan-Chase Personal Banker Test

JobTestPrep will help you come prepared for the challenging recruitment process with our JP Morgan Chase Personal Banker Test Prep Pack. This Prep Pack was put together by our team in order to include the types of questions that you will encounter in the Chase online assessment test. These questions have detailed explanations in order to ensure that you do not simply memorize the questions, but rather that you understand the concepts. There are also study guides to help you further prepare. JobTestPrep is here for you.

J.P Morgan Chase Hiring Process 

The J.P. Morgan Chase hiring and recruitment process consists of the following steps:  

  • Complete an online application: Your application, questionnaire, and resume will all be scanned and assessed by the applicant tracking system (ATS) SmashFly. Learn about applicant tracking systems and how to beat them on our dedicated ATS page.
  • Complete various interviews: You will encounter a variety of interviews during the recruitment process, but JobTestPrep can help you prepare for each interview type. 
  • Complete pre-employment assessment tests: Depending on the position for which you are applying, you may be required to complete technical assessment tests. JobTestPrep can help you prepare for a variety of pre-employment assessment tests. Start practicing today to gain the edge over your competition. 


JobTestPrep can help you prepare for each step of the hiring and recruitment process with our PrepPacks. Start practicing today to ensure your success with J.P. Morgan Chase. 

J.P. Morgan Chase Interview 

Whether it’s a phone, video, one-on-one, or panel interview, JobTestPrep can help you prepare for your interview with J.P. Morgan Chase. Our interview resources include hundreds of interview questions, tailored for specific job positions, and study guides. Gain the edge over the competition and ensure a successful interview by practicing today!


J.P. Morgan Chase Interview Questions

Listed below is a list of some questions you may encounter during one of your interviews with J.P. Morgan and Chase.


  • What is something that your current boss might say you have to work on? 
  • In what ways do you think your previous experience could prepare you for this job? 
  • Who is a leader you look up to and why?
  • How do you handle having multiple tasks and a short deadline?
  • Why do you want to work for J.P. Morgan Chase?

Chase Personal Banker Pre-Employment Test Format

The Chase assessment test is an online, multiple-choice test. You may take the test in either English or Spanish, and can switch the language throughout the test to best suit your needs. All sections of the exam allow you to take your time and breathe. The JP Morgan assessment test is broken up into a first section and a second section. In order to proceed to the second section, you must pass the first section. The main categories you will encounter are listed below. 


JP Morgan Chase’s online assessment test is broken up into two parts, so that if you do not pass the first section you may not pass on to the second. This is noticeable in that the first section of the Chase math test is slightly easier and has more in common with a basic pre-employment math test. The second section of the JP Morgan assessment test is slightly more difficult, but doable as long as you practice.

Reading Comprehension

A surprising amount of your time spent as a personal banker will have to do with reading comprehension. This is due to all the different forms that you will read in order to understand the customer, as well as the forms that you will hand to him. There may also be learning material you will be given in order to study your new position. As in the mathematics section, the reading comprehension questions will be in both sections of the exam, and will steadily progress in difficulty.


The personality questions are only found in the second section of the Chase online assessment test. Chase would like to know that you have the personality that suits the personal banking profession and fits the company culture.

Excel-Kenexa Prove It 2016​

As a personal banker, you may be required to present statistics of your clients' accounts and data. For this purpose we provide you with Kenexa Excel practice, which includes video tutorials, Excel assessment tests, detailed explanations, and score reports. 

Judgment Questions

When taking the Chase personal banker assessment test, you will be asked a few situational judgment questions. It is important for an employer to know that its new employees will make the correct decision based on a customer's information. There is no standard scenario and sound judgment is critical to a successful business operation. The situational judgment questions are only found in the second section of the exam.

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