Kenexa Prove It Personality Practice for Behavioral Assessments

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  • Test 2: Core Performance Qualities
  • Personalized feedback - customized to your job level
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The Kenexa personality assessment is one of Kenexa's many Kenexa job tests. It is about 60 questions long and is untimed; it should take you approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. You will be asked to rate statements about your behavior at work on a five-point scale from “Strongly Disagree” to Strongly Agree.” Most of these statements are directly work-related, while a few ask about your personality more generally. These statements are used to assess your behavior in the workplace as well as how well your personality traits match those required for your desired job.

Some examples of Kenexa Prove It personality test questions include:

  1. I am upfront with others when I disagree with them.
  2. I like to work in a hectic environment.
  3. I daydream more than most people.
  4. I keep my work area as neat as possible.
  5. I have sometimes been described by my coworkers as over-confident.

Some Kenexa personality assessments have an additional untimed section consisting of about 15 multiple choice questions. The questions in this section ask you about your educational and work history. For each question, you select one of five number ranges that best matches your previous salary, how many leadership positions you’ve held, your GPA, the number of academic awards you have received, and so forth.

Kenexa Assessments for Hourly Employees

Predictive Hiring for Hourly Roles

Compares you to the best hourly employees already at the company in order to predict your job success. This test evaluates your skills against the key requirements for top performance at the company.

Behavioral Assessments for Hourly Roles

Asks you questions about different work scenarios in order to predict your job performance. Your answers to these questions reveal your problem-solving skills, personality traits, and personal history.

Kenexa Assessments for Managerial & Professional Employees

Predictive Hiring for Professional & Managerial Roles

Compares you to top workers at the company by identifying specific traits critical to individual, team, and company-wide success.

Behavioral Assessments for Professional & Managerial Roles

Asks you about different work scenarios in order to predict your work performance. This assessment reveals your personality, problem-solving abilities, and personal background, thus ensuring your skills match the key requirements identified for top performance on the job.

Rated Behavioral Assessments for Managerial & Leadership Roles

Analyzes your leadership effectiveness in helping your employer enhance and sustain strategic improvement from the top down.

Behavioral Assessments for Executive Roles

Focuses on your leadership skills in supporting strategic organizational improvement company-wide.

Other Kenexa Prove It Assessments:

  • Capacity assessments:This type of assessment measures your talents, personality traits, and behaviors. These assessments are used in hiring, employee evaluation, promotion, and leadership development.
  • Culture fit assessments: This assessment reveals how well you fit in at your future workplace, helping your employer ensure your engagement with and commitment to the job and thus avoid turnover. These assessments predict your job satisfaction and are used for multiple careers across different industries.

JobTestPrep Preparation

Your score on the Kenexa behavioral test can make all the difference between being hired and still being on the search for a job. For access to upcoming Kenexa practice tests, behavioral test questions and more, subscribe to JobTestPrep. Study smart for your Kenexa personality test with JobTestPrep.


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