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Prepare for XTO Energy with JobTestPrep

JobTestPrep will provide you with the resources to prepare for the online tests, interview, and presentation stages involved in the hiring process. Start preparing yourself now for the XTO Energy assessment test and interview with JobTestPrep.

XTO Energy Online Tests

When applying to XTO Energy you may encounter an assessment test. Some of the tests that you may encounter may include, an Excel test, a personality test, or even a mechanical. JobTestPrep provides practice materials to help you prepare for the exam.

XTO Energy Excel Test

The Prove It Excel Power User Test, provided by Kenexa, is one of the most common Excel assessment tests used in the hiring process. This test enables employers to carefully assess a candidate’s Microsoft Excel skills, as well as to decide if he or she is qualified for the offered position. The Power User Excel Test is untimed and contains 25 questions. On this test, approximately 10 of the questions are basic, five are intermediate and 10 are at the advanced level.


Prepare for the XTO Energy Test

Give yourself the upper hand throughout the recruitment process using JobTestPrep. We offer job-seekers dozens of job preparation materials including pre-employment assessment and interview practice. Sign up today!


XTO Energy Interview

After you successfully pass a phone interview, you will be required to take the XTO Energy’s pre-employment tests. Provided you receive high scores on them, you will move to the next level of the pre-employment assessment, an in-person interview. This interview is usually conducted in one of the XTO Energy’s locations. On it, you will have a chance to talk with your prospective managers, who will ask you about your working experience and your career goals. They will also want to determine whether you have required skills to perform job tasks well and whether you will be a good fit for the company. Situational questions will also be posed. Before you come for the face-to-face interview, think about a problematic situation you faced in your past and recollect what steps you took to resolve it. Your recruiters will want to know what goals you set for yourself, while coping with the difficult situation, and what remedy you found for it. Tell them also about possible alternative resolution of the problem that your weighted but finally decided not to implement. By following these steps, you will show to the XTO Energy’s employers how your mind works in stressful situations.

Are there right or wrong answers on personality tests?

Those who administer personality assessment tests claim there are no "right" or "wrong" answers and often refer to personality tests as personality "questionnaires" instead of "tests." This is untrue. A personality assessment serves as a tool to help find the person who fulfills the criteria of a specific position. Therefore, there are right and wrong answers associated with specific positions. Preparing for the personality test in advance will allow you to become well-acquainted with the types of questions asked and what the optimal answers are.

What should I do to prepare for my interview with XTO Energy?

Learn about XTO Energy from its website and additional official sources, such as LinkedIn, blogs, and press releases. Show enthusiasm and genuine interest in what the company does. Focus on the key competencies that you are being tested on, and practice with our unique preparation pack to get familiar with common interview questions and to gain important knowledge and tips.

What is the best way to present my answers in XTO Energy interview?

STAR method: situation, task, action, result


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