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Dominion Energy Pre-Employment Testing

One of the initial steps when applying for a career in the company is the Dominion Energy pre-employment testing. Edison Electric Institute, or EEI, is among the companies that conduct the Dominion Energy aptitude tests. Note that you must apply for a position and be selected for testing before you take an EEI test. 

Dominion Energy Aptitude (EEI) Tests

The type of EEI test you will be required to take depends on the position to which you apply. Please check which test is relevant to you before you start your practice. For additional details about each tests’ required skills and knowledge click on the relevant test name:

  • Dominion Energy POSS test – required for operating positions (such as control room operator and auxiliary operator).
  • Dominion Energy MASS test – required for professional and maintenance positions (such as maintenance mechanic and nuclear electrician).
  • Dominion Energy CAST test - craftsmanship positions (such as linemen and groundsman) require the Dominion Energy CAST test.
  • Dominion Energy TECH test - technical position (such as facilities technician and instrument technician) require the TECH test.
  • Dominion Energy Meter Reader (MRAB) test -required for the Dominion Energy Meter Reader positions.
  • Dominion Energy SO/PD II test - system Operator/power Dispatcher positions (such as Substation operator) require the SO/PD II test.
  • Dominion Energy CSR test – this test battery is required for Customer Service positions. 

Dominion Energy Administrative Support Test

 For administrative support and clerical positions. Dominion Energy partners with Previsor Online and conducts tests to evaluate the candidate speed and accuracy. These tests may include clerical aptitude testsMicrosoft Word 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, and typing skills such as proofreading and coding.


Worried About the Dominion Energy Assessment Tests?

Succeeding on the EEI tests is an important step in achieving your Dominion Energy jobs prospects, and therefore it is highly recommended that you prepare properly for your test. With JobTestPrep you can find comprehensive PrepPacks™ with everything you need: study guides, questions, and explanations, tips, and advice - all developed exclusively for the test you need to take.

About Dominion Energy

The Dominion Energy company, one of the largest producers and transporters of energy in the country. Its headquarters are in Richmond, VA, and it supplies energy to retail and utility customers in 10 states in the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and northeast. The Dominion corporate, which operates one of the nation’s largest natural gas storage systems, counts 12 gas distribution and transmission companies. 

Being the vast organization that it is, Dominion Energy job opportunities can be found in the company’s facilities throughout the country such as Dominion Energy Virginia, Dominion Energy Utah, and Dominion Energy Ohio.    

Dominion Energy Hiring Process

    1. Dominion Energy application – after spotting the job you aspire for the first step is to apply online, using your resume. To find out if you were found suitable for the position, you can check your Dominion Energy application status by logging into your account on the company’s website.
    2. Dominion Energy employment tests (EEI) – many of the company’s offered positions require passing a specific EEI test. These tests are designed to test your skills and knowledge, make sure to have a proper preparation for this part of the hiring process.  
    3. Dominion Energy interview process – this stage may include a phone interview as well as a face to face interview. The Dominion Energy interview questions are used to find out more about your past behaviors in specific work-related situations.
    4. Dominion Energy drug test – as customary in energy and utility companies, you may be required to undergo several screening procedures such as the Dominion Energy drug test, a work history verification, and a criminal background check.   


Dominion Energy Internship Programs

Are you a student and interested of starting a career at Dominion Energy? The company hires more than 250 students a year. Among Dominion Energy internship programs, you can fine the opportunity for a paid internship, summer and school year working options, and scholarship and award programs.

What Are the Dominion Energy Phone Interview Questions?

Once your Dominion Energy application status has been updated and you were found eligible to continue to the phone interview, you will be asked questions about your education and work experience. You may also talk about your Dominion Energy career prospects in the Dominion Energy. A recruiter may also tell you about the Dominion’s division and its business goals. Some questions may be competency-based.


Will Preparation for the Dominion Energy EEI Tests Help?

In one word, yes! You will not move forward to the Dominion Energy interview process without passing your position relevant EEI Test and it is incumbent to prepare. Jobtestprep will help you work on your skills and provide important knowledge refreshers before you sit down to take the test.



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