EEI Customer Service Representative (CSR) Test Preparation

What You'll Get

  • 16 Reading Comprehension tests
  • 8 Numerical Reasoning tests
  • 18 Error Checking tests
  • 21 Data Entry drills: alphanumeric, numerical, cross-referencing, audio, and a typing test
  • 7 Situational Judgment test
  • 5 Study guides
  • Interview preparation
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JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the EEI Customer Service Test Battery (CSR) as our PrepPack covers the following topics, which are seen on the real exam:

  • Data entry tests
  • Customer service situational judgement tests

Start practicing with our materials today to ensure your success on the CSR!

Customer Service Test Battery (CSR)

Administered by EEI, the Customer Service Test Battery (CSR) was created to assist employers in the hiring selection process. Specifically, representatives who work in call centers and public payment offices. The CSR test battery consists of two sections - Job Skills Test (which has three sub-components) and the Interactive Test and typically takes four hours to complete.

CSR Test Battery

The CSR is used in order to select candidates who will demonstrate strong customer service skills. The entire battery takes about four hours to complete and is split into two different tests: 

  1. Job Skills Test 
    This test is broken down into three assessments, but generally, the test assesses your skill set and requires you to listen to customer calls and input data into the correct fields of software.
    • Basic Work Station - Assesses the speed and accuracy of your data entry skills
    • Customer Order - Assesses the skills associated with taking applications for service, disconnecting service, and responding to customer inquiries regarding power outages.
    • Bill Inquiry - Assesses how well you can handle bill inquiries, high bill complaints, granting or denying payment extensions, and more. 
  2. Interactive Test
    This test utilizes two software programs that present a mock call between the representative and "live" customer. This test is used to measure your professionalism, communication, and efficiency. 


CSR Scoring

The CSR is automatically scored and the results break down into the following:

  • Basic Work Station - The score is determined by calculating the total number of correct and incorrect keystrokes entered in the fields, divided by the time it takes to complete the fields, generating a keystrokes per minute score.
  • Customer Order - The score is determined by the accuracy of the entered data. 
  • Bill Inquiry - The score is determined by the accuracy of the entered data. 

The three aforementioned sections are compiled together to generate a Job Skills test score. 

  • Interactive Test - Generates two scores; the first is derived from your responses that were entered into the computer system via the keyboard, and the second score is derived from ratings provided by the "live" customer. The ratings are broken down into the following:
    • Technical/Procedural Quality
    • Customer Relations Quality
      • Control and Efficiency
      • Professionalism
      • Communications

The test scores from both sections are then combined together to create a "total test score". 

EEI Test Preparation

JobTestPrep's EEI test series includes CSR practice tests, with in-depth explanations necessary for success. These practice tests will provide you with the practice and confidence you need to reach your desired score.

Additional EEI Tests:


Prepare for the CSR

JobTestPrep can help you prepare for the CSR with our preparation resources. Our practice tests and drills, answer explanations, score reports, and test information can help you prepare for the exam. Start practicing today to ensure your success and get one step closer to acing the CSR.

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