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SASS Test - Support and Administrative Selection System

The SASS test is a battery of tests developed for the selection process among applicants for clerical and administrative support positions. Looking for employment in clerical or administrative support? JobTestPrep will guide you through the testing process, providing helpful and relevant information, as well as mechanical aptitude practice tests. SASS practice tests coming soon!
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Research & Development:

The SASS test is the resulting product of a large research program sponsored by EEI. The project was launched in 2000 in response to the demand for development of a new employment selection system suitable for contemporary clerical and administrative support positions. This was particularly essential, as the requirements of clerical and administrative support positions had changed in nature over the previous two decades (i.e. computer technology). Replacing the clerical assessment battery, the SASS was created and designed with consideration of technological advancements in such positions.

More than 20 investor-owned utility companies cooperated in the validation of the development of the SASS Project. Over three thousand company supervisors and administrative personnel supplied the research information analyzed, resulting in the development and validation of three test batteries as well as a simulation used to predict the likelihood of success of candidates in various administrative jobs. Each test battery was to be considerably relevant to administrative job performance.

Test Batteries on the SASS Test:

  • BCAB (Basic Competency Assessment Battery)
  • BKSB (Basic Keyboard Skills Battery)
  • ACAB  (Advanced Competency Assessment Batteries)

Preparing Online:

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