EEI SOPD II Test: Accurate Practice & Free Sample Question [2022]


What is the SOPD Test

The SOPD Test was developed by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) to serve as an employment selection test for positions in energy control centers.

The EEI SOPD II will thoroughly examine your mathematical, verbal, and logical abilities under a short time limit, so being well prepared is fundamental to your chances of success. Let’s have a look at how the SOPD Test is built:

Mathematical Usage 

This section assesses your ability to solve and operate mathematical relationships. You will be presented with 16 multiple-choice questions of three types: formula conversion problems, basic algebra problems, and word problems, which you will need to complete in 17 minutes.

Analytical Thinking Test 

This test is broken down into three sections – argument, problem solving, and logic-based reasoning.

• The argument section includes seven questions and requires you to analyze information and form logical conclusions accordingly.
• The problem-solving section includes five questions and requires you to read a text and glean the relevant facts before identifying the correct answer.
• The logic-based reasoning section includes 11 questions and requires you to make inferences from given facts.

Reading Comprehension 

This test assesses your ability to read complex texts effectively and efficiently, while collecting the relevant information from within. You will be given four passages (usually science related) followed by several questions, which you will need to answer under a stressful time limit. The test includes 16 multiple-choice questions and must be completed within 22 minutes.

Multitasking Simulation

This test assesses a candidate's ability to monitor various tasks in parallel. In this section, candidates must concurrently complete four separate tasks (memorization, basic math, visual monitoring, and listening), each presented in different areas of the screen.

SOPD Test Sample Question

To make sure you don't get overwhelmed by the difficulty and pressure of the SOPD Test, preparation is essential. Below you will find an analytical thinking sample question (argument type), followed by the kind of in-depth answer and tips that you will receive when purchasing our prep pack.

Since in the real SOPD Test you will need to answer 23 analytic thinking questions in 45 minutes, we propose you set your timer to two minutes to simulate the pressure of the real thing. 

Scientists believe that many ordinary painkillers actually cause, not relieve, headaches because of medication overuse. They estimate that half of all chronic migraines, and up to 25 percent of all headaches, are actually "rebound" episodes triggered by the overuse of common pain medications. Studies of the relation between painkillers and headaches have always involved administering to test animals doses of painkillers massive enough to affect animals' nerve cells in the brain, and then measuring their levels of pain. To date, results of studies on the most common causes of headaches have led to an overestimation of the degree to which medication overdose contributed to headaches.


Which one of the following, if true, most strengthens the above argument?

A. In the doses used until now in studies on “rebound” headaches triggered by painkiller overuse, animals’ neurons (nerve cells) are often not affected
B. Dilation of neurons causes chronic migraines more frequently than ordinary headaches.
C. Occasionally test animals were administered doses of painkillers larger than the largest possible human exposure levels.
D. People take more painkillers to relieve migraines than to relieve ordinary headaches.
E. Most of the pain-relief medication that is now banned because of the risk of “rebound” effects could safely be used by chronic headache sufferers.


Click on the correct letter below to reveal the answer

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

For questions of the Strengthening the Argument type, we first identify the argument and then find the answer choice claim that would strengthen the argument, that is, provide additional evidence for the veracity of the argument. The argument is in the last sentence (this is often the case): Results of studies on the most common causes of headaches until now have led to an overestimation of the degree to which medication overdose contributed to headaches. Now unpack this: Studies overestimated the degree to which medication overdose contributed to headaches.

Before going to the answer choices, ask yourself: What would cause such an overestimation in the studies? Remember also that the studies were conducted on animals. Now, when you know exactly what you are looking for – an explanation of what would cause the overestimation in the studies – read the answer choices one by one. The claim in answer choice C would strengthen the argument: Occasionally test animals were administered doses of painkillers larger than the largest possible human exposure levels.
Therefore, the correct answer is C

Online Preparation for EEI SOPD II

The SOPD Test piles on the pressure by presenting you with complex mathematical, analytical, and reading comprehension questions of various types within a tight time limit. Arriving at your test day without proper preparation could easily mean being overwhelmed, getting a poor score, and missing out on that job you were aiming for.

Familiarizing yourself and meticulously practicing each type of question in the test is the only tried and tested way to ace this test, and with our prep pack you can be sure you are getting the most accurate simulation of the EEI SOPD II available.



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