EEI SOPD II Test: Get Accurate Practice & Pass

The SOPD II test was developed to serve as an employment selection test among candidates seeking positions as System Operator/Power Dispatcher in energy control centers of electric utilities. 

The study was conducted by Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO) and involved 17 investor-owned electric utility companies, along with hundreds of company officials, supervisors, and SO/PDs working in various energy control centers.

Phase II, conducted by EEI, includes four tests developed to assist in the employment selection process for electric utility system operator or power dispatching positions, such as:

  • System operator
  • Substation operator
  • Operator trainee

SOPD II Test Battery Format

The content of the SOPD II test is as follows:

  • Mathematical Usage (16 questions/17 minutes)
    This test assesses one's ability to solve and operate mathematical relationships. The test taker is presented with 16 multiple-choice questions of three types: formula conversion problems, basic algebra problems, and word problems and is allotted 17 minutes to complete the test.
  • Analytic Thinking Skills (23 questions/45 minutes)
    This test is broken into three sections – argument, problem solving, and logic-based reasoning. The "Argument" section requires you to analyze information to logically form conclusions (contains seven questions); "Problem Solving" section requires you to read and utilize text while determining the right facts for the right answer (contains five questions); and the "Logic-Based Reasoning" requires you to make inferences from facts (contains 11 questions). 
  • Reading Comprehension (26 questions/22 minutes)
    This test assesses a candidate's ability to read and comprehend written materials. The test taker is presented with four passages and several follow-up, questions. The test includes 16 multiple-choice questions and must be completed within 22 minutes.
  • Multitasking Simulation
    This test assesses a candidate's ability to monitor various tasks. During this section, candidates must complete four separate tasks (memorization, basic math, visual monitoring, and listening), each presented in different areas of the screen.

Online Preparation for EEI SOPD II

Our test development teams have created a specific practice pack for EEI's SOPD II test, which includes a complete review of all sub-tests that comprise the battery. As our materials are online, you will be able to practice against time restrictions, receive answers, explanations and scores. Your account will also save your test history and provide you with a way to track your progress.

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