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What is the Meter Reader Aptitude Test?

The MRAB is used to select candidates who will be responsible for reading company meters as well as recording data. The entire battery takes less than 20 minutes and is split into two different tests: 

  1. Using Tables (85 samples/6 minutes)
    This test assesses the candidate's ability to quickly and accurately obtain information from a number table. The test taker is presented with 85 items and is allotted 6 minutes to complete the test. You will be presented with a series of graphs, tables, and charts, each followed by several questions.

    Questions usually offer 4-5 answer options, but only one is correct. Your task is to choose the best answer for each question from the options given. Have a pen and paper on hand to write down calculations and take notes.

  2. Coding (18 samples/5 minutes)
    This test assesses the candidate's ability to correctly assign code numbers to data by using an already existing coding scheme. The test taker is presented with 18 items and is allotted 5 minutes to complete this portion of the battery.

    There are four different types of questions you may see:
    1. Coding - You will be asked to identify which code correctly records the given information.
    2. Decoding - You will be given a code and asked to identify the information which the code represents.
    3. Partial Decoding - You will be presented with a code and be asked to derive a specific piece of information from it.
    4. Find the error - You will be given a piece of information along with an erroneous code. Your task will be to find the error in the code.

Reader Meter Test Tables section 

Meter Reader Free Practice Questions


MRAB - Table - Sample Question

MRAB test practice question


Based on the information in the table, please select the correct answer:


He has the exact sum
He hasn't got enough money
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is E.

The calculation is made within 2 steps:
1. Trade 100 Canadian $ (CAD) to £ (GBP) = sum of money X exchange rate = 100 X 0.650 = 65.
2. Subtract the gift's value = 65 – a hat (least cheap Canada made souvenir) = 65-14.4 = 50.6.

The outcome is less than 51, the required sum for the train journey, therefore Martin cannot afford the train ticket unless he trades more money.
Answer C will be obtained if one decided to buy maple syrup (not the least cheap) as gift.




MRAB - Table and Graph - Sample Question

How many more families took part in the survey compared to business men?


Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

420 families participated in the survey compared to 40 business men. The difference is: 420-40= 380.


MRAB - Coding - Sample Question

Each employee at a government office is given an ID code. The ID code is determined by the employee's name, date of birth and department (in that order). In order to ensure that two people are not given the same ID code, 2 random numbers are added to the end of each ID code.

The rules for the ID code are as follows:
4 letters- first 2 letters of last name followed by first 2 letters of first name
4 digits- mm/dd For example, February 3rd will be coded as 0203.
1 letter- the first letter of the department

Note: The codes are recorded in the same order as they appear above.

 Arthur Morrison works as an executive assistant in the Public Relations department. He was born on November 23, 1978. What is his ID code?

Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer
The correct answer is D.

First two letters of his last name:           MO           Morrison
First two letters of his first name:        AR         Arthur
Date of birth (mm/dd):         1123         November 23
First letter of department:        P         Public Relations

We are also told that two random numbers are added to the end of each code. Therefore, Arthur's ID will be MOAR1123P##, or as we can see from the answer choices, MOAR1123P83.

We can also solve this question without writing out the entire code. As soon as we recognize that his name should be coded as MOAR, we can eliminate answers B and C.

Now, let's examine the remaining answer choices, A and D. We will notice that the middle 4 numbers and the following letter of both answer choices are identical, and there is, therefore, no reason to check if they are correct. The only difference between answers A and D is that D has 83 added at the end.
Since we are told that each ID code has two random digits added after the initial of the employee's department, answer D must be the correct answer.



MRAB Scoring

The Using Tables and Coding scores are combined into one overall score. This score reflects the candidate's perceptual speed, reasoning ability, and ability to retain information, all of which are relevant to job performance. The goal is to correctly answer as many items as possible in the time allotted.

Popular companies that employ meter readers are:

  1. Duke Energy
  2. Southern California Edison
  3. Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
  4. Con Edison
  5. National Grid
  6. Xcel Energy
  7. Dominion Energy
  8. Ameren
  9. Entergy
  10. Florida Power & Light (FPL)

How To Prepare for the MRAB?

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