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What is the MRAB Test?

The MRAB is used to select candidates who will be responsible for reading company meters as well as recording data. The entire battery takes less than 20 minutes and is split into two different tests: 

  1. Using Tables (85 samples/6 minutes)
    This test assesses the candidate's ability to quickly and accurately obtain information from a number table. The test taker is presented with 85 items and is allotted 6 minutes to complete the test.
  2. Coding (18 samples/5 minutes)
    This test assesses the candidate's ability to correctly assign code numbers to data by using an already existing coding scheme. The test taker is presented with 18 items and is allotted 5 minutes to complete this portion of the battery.

MRAB Test Practice Question

MRAB test practice question


Based on the information in the table, please select the correct answer:


He has the exact sum
He hasn't got enough money
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is E.

The calculation is made within 2 steps:
1. Trade 100 Canadian $ (CAD) to £ (GBP) = sum of money X exchange rate = 100 X 0.650 = 65.
2. Subtract the gift's value = 65 – a hat (least cheap Canada made souvenir) = 65-14.4 = 50.6.

The outcome is less than 51, the required sum for the train journey, therefore Martin cannot afford the train ticket unless he trades more money.
Answer C will be obtained if one decided to buy maple syrup (not the least cheap) as gift.


MRAB Scoring

The Using Tables and Coding scores are combined into one overall score. This score reflects the candidate's perceptual speed, reasoning ability, and ability to retain information, all of which are relevant to job performance.

How To Prepare for the MRAB?

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  • Tables tests
  • Coding tests

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