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PSEG Career Opportunities

As a leader in the production and delivery of safe, reliable, economic, and clean energy, employees play an essential role in one of largest energy and services companies in the US. For individuals seeking employment in PSEG's technical or mechanical field, it is important to note that pre-employment testing will most likely be required. Edison Electric Institute, or EEI, partners with PSEG in order to provide pre-employment testing for job placement.

There are several types of EEI tests

Different positions require different sets of skills and abilities, and therefore different assessment tests. For example, the following positions at PSEG require EEI testing:
  • Professional positions (such as lineman and automotive technician) require the CAST test.
  • Operating positions (such as plant operator) require the POSS test.
  • Maintenance positions (such as nuclear worker and mechanical operator) require the MASS test.
  • Technical positions (such as apprentice engineering technician) require the TECH test.
  • System operating and dispatching positions (such as electric system operator) require the SO/PD test.
  • Customer service positions (such as customer service center representative) require the CSR test.
  • Clerical positions require the SASS test.

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Preparing Online for PSE&G Pre-Employment Assessment

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About PSEG

PSEG (Public Service Enterprise Group) is among the largest combined electric & gas companies in the US. Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, the company employs approximately 12,000 workers in fields such as electric and gas delivery, nuclear and fossil generation, and energy trading.
The company’s four subsidiaries are:
  • PSE&G - the largest subsidiary, which serves 1.8 million gas customers and 2.2 electric customers.
  • PSEG Power - an unregulated independent power producer, consisting of four subsidiaries: PSEG Fossil, PSEG Nuclear, PSEG Power Ventures, and PSEG Energy Resources and Trade.
  • PSEG Long Island - HQ in Uniondale, New York.
  • PSEG Services Corporation - serves the internal clientele of the Enterprise family of companies.

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Other companies that administer EEI tests

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NextEra EnergyNortheast Utilities
ExelonDTE Energy

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