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This page examines the EEI tests (MASS, POSS, MRAB, etc.) that you need to pass when trying to get a job at XCEL Energy.
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Xcel Energy Aptitude Tests

Xcel Energy pre-employment tests are conducted in partnership with Edison Electric Institute (EEI) to optimize the pre-employment and job placement process. These aptitude tests are designed to test your knowledge and skills, while the Xcel Energy behavioural assessment is done during the interview stage of the hiring process.

Since different positions require different skills and abilities, there are several types of Xcel Energy assessment tests. The type of Xcel Energy test you will be required to take depends on the position for which you applied. Make sure to verify which test is relevant to you before you start your practice.

The EEI tests you might encounter during the Xcel Energy hiring process are described below. You can get your Xcel Energy EEI practice test and more details about each test by clicking on the relevant test name.

Xcel Energy EEI practice tests

  • Xcel Energy MASS test - Power Plant Maintenance positions (such as electricians, riggers, welders, or pipefitters) require the MASS test. The subjects you will be facing in this test are reading comprehension, mechanical concepts, assembling objects, and mathematical usage.
  • Xcel Energy POSS test – the Xcel Energy jobs that this test is required for our Plant Operating positions (such as turbine or control room operators). It involves knowledge of mechanical concepts, mathematical usage, figural reasoning, and reading comprehension.
  • Xcel Energy POSS/MASS test – on some occasions, when applying for plant operating or maintenance positions, you will be required to undergo an integrated version test of both the POSS test and the MASS test. This requirement is usually relevant when applying for entry-level positions that may progress to either Power Plant Maintenance or Plant operating positions in the future. The integrated version Includes the same knowledge needed for each test separately.
  • Xcel Energy SO/PD test – this test is conducted for System Operating or Power Dispatching position applicants (such as transmission system operators). In it, there are three subtests; reading comprehension, mathematical usage, and analytic thinking skills. As well as this, there is also a multitasking simulation.   
  • Xcel Energy CAST test - Skilled Trades positions (such as utility workers, linemen, or metermen) are asked to undergo the Xcel Energy CAST test. The EEI CAST test Xcel Energy requires involves knowledge of mechanical concepts, mathematical usage, graphic arithmetic, and reading for comprehension. The net time of the EEI CAST test at Xcel energy is an hour and 27 minutes, but it is usually conducted for over two hours.
  • Xcel Energy TECH test – those with Xcel Energy career prospects in Technical positions (such as distribution/planning technicians/estimators, quality assurance technicians, or testing/relay technicians) will be required to pass the TECH test. This Xcel Energy employment test is comprised of four subtests in the subjects of mechanical concepts, interpreting diagrams, reasoning from rules, and graphic problem-solving.
  • Xcel Energy MRAB test – Meter Reading positions require the MRAB aptitude test battery. The abilities you will be asked to demonstrate in this Xcel Energy assessment test are coding and using tables.  

Xcel Energy Employment Opportunities

Based in Minneapolis, MN, Xcel Energy plays a major role in the U.S. electric and natural gas industry. Operating in eight states, Xcel Energy provides a wide range of energy-related products and services to 3.4 million electricity customers and 1.9 million natural gas customers.

Xcel Energy employs over 11,000 people, including engineers, customer service representatives, linemen, marketing and sales professionals, energy traders, mechanics, finance and accounting professionals, and more. The company has four subsidiaries in several states, thus producing Employment Options in a variety of locations throughout the country. The company subsidiaries and the locations in which they are operating are described in the following list:

Xcel Energy subsidiaries

  • Northern States Power Company-Minnesota – combines Xcel Energy Minnesota, Xcel Energy Fargo, North Dakota, and Xcel Energy South Dakota.
  • Northern States Power Company-Wisconsin – combines Xcel Energy Wisconsin and Xcel Energy Michigan.
  • Public Service Company of Colorado – includes Xcel Energy Denver, Colorado.
  • Southwestern Public Service Company – combines Xcel Energy Amarillo, Texas, and Xcel Energy New Mexico.

If you are looking for Xcel Energy internship opportunities, you will be pleased to hear that the company is always looking for bright new talents. Most of the Excel Energy internships are full-time positions for the summer, but you can also find some possibilities to work part-time around the year for the company as an intern.   

Xcel Energy Hiring process


  1. Xcel Energy Application - the Xcel Energy recruiting process starts with filling out and sending the job application. The Xcel Energy application differs from one subsidiary to another, make sure to fill out and send the correct one.
  2.  Xcel Energy assessment tests – candidates who were found suitable for a position based on their Xcel Energy job application will continue to carry out the required aptitude tests for the position they applied for. Passing these tests successfully is vital in order to proceed to the next stage of the process. We recommend you use our EEI-style Xcel Energy practice tests to improve your odds in this part of the hiring process.
  3. Xcel energy interview process – the Xcel Energy behavioural assessment is done through a series of interviews. Your Xcel energy interview process may include a phone screen followed by an in-person Xcel Energy job interview with a hiring manager. The Xcel Energy interview questions aim to learn more about your technical abilities and your personality. We recommend you use our Xcel Energy job interview PrepPack™ to prepare for this stage.
  4. Xcel Energy background check – this part of the Xcel Energy assessments may include the verification of your educational and work history along with a criminal background check. To complete the Xcel Energy employment process, you will have to undergo the Xcel Energy drug test. Passing successfully the Xcel Energy drug test is a necessary step in the recruitment process.

For every stage of the recruitment process, you will have to show the employers that you have the skills and abilities to shine above the crowd. With JobTestPrep, we are confident that you will do so. We look forward to helping you with your application.


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