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Learn About the Entergy EEI Tests

When applying to Entergy you may encounter a number of different assessment tests. These tests are conducted in partnership with Edison Electric Institute (EEI) and includes a variety of subjects and tasks which varies according to the skills that are required for the specific position at hand. The Entergy EEI tests are introduced in the following list. For further information please click on the relevant test name:

  • Entergy EEI MASS Test – a selection system for Power Plant Maintenance Positions. The Entergy MASS test will require you to display your abilities in object assembly, mechanical concepts, mathematical usage and a reading comprehension.
  • Entergy EEI SASS Test – a test battery for the selection of Support and Administrative positions applicants. The Entergy SASS test is composed of three tests –
  1. The Basic Keyboard Skills Battery (BKSB)
  2. The Advanced Competency Assessment Batteries (ACAB)
  3. The Basic Competency Assessment Battery (BCAB)

In these tests you will be examined for your ability to classify, spell, sort and fill written text. Moreover, you will be tested on your knowledge of basic math, typing and general abilities in working with spreadsheets.

  • Entergy EEI TECH Test – this test is intended for applicants for Technician Occupations positions. It is combined of four subtests; graphic problem solving, mechanical concepts, reasoning from rules and interpreting diagrams.  
  • Entergy EEI CAST Test – a selection system for Construction and Skilled Trades positions. As part of the Entergy EEI CAST test you will be asked to display your abilities in mechanical concepts, graphic arithmetic, mathematical usage and a reading for comprehension test.
  • Entergy EEI POSS Test – is a series of tests designed to help in the selection of Plant Operator positions. It requires knowledge in figural reasoning, mathematical usage, mechanical concepts and a reading comprehension.
  • Entergy EEI POSS/MASS Test – is an integration of the POSS test and the MASS test. The Entergy EEI POSS/MASS test is designed to help in the selection of candidates for the positions of plant operations and maintenance jobs and is sometimes used for entry level positions in which the employee can progress later to each of the positions mentioned above. The test usually requires three hours.

About Entergy

Entergy corp. is a vast energy company which is mainly involved in electric power production and retail distribution operations. The company is widely active in several states and offers many job opportunities in its various subsidiaries. Entergy subsidiaries, as well as their location in the US is as specified in the following table:


Entergy Subsiduaries
Entergy Texas, Inc. Entergy Missisipi, Inc. Entergy Louisiana, LLC Entergy Wholesale Commodities
Entergy Nuclear Entergy New Orleans, LLC Entergy Arkansas, Inc.  

Entergy also provides interesting internship opportunities as a part of the Entergy internship program “Jumpstart”.

Entergy Hiring Process

Entergy hiring process begins with the Entergy online application. The Entergy application status pre-screen is your application status in the stages of the hiring process that precedes the screening stage. Make sure that you get an automated email referencing your Entergy application status after its completion.

After applying for a position that matches your skills and experience you might be asked to undergo the Entergy EEI pre-employment tests. The test you will be required to pass depends on the position you applied for. Make sure to check which Entergy aptitude test is relevant for you before beginning your preparations.

After passing the relevant tests, you will be invited to the Entergy job interview in which you will have the chance to learn more about the company and meet employees while the company will learn more about your personality and skills through the Entergy interview questions.

Following your Entergy pre-screen evaluation process, you will be required to pass successfully several screening procedures. This stage may include the Entergy pre-employment drug test, a criminal background check and a verification of your education and work history.

Entergy Online Practice Tests

JobTestPrep provides an all-inclusive practice packs to prepare you for various Entergy jobs and careers opportunities. Entergy practice tests are timed and can help you improve your time management during the test. Our answer explanations and detailed study guides will allow you to track your progress and eliminate your weaknesses, thereby ensuring that you excel on your test without trouble and get a step closer to landing the job you want.


Entergy Interview

Your Entergy interview will most likely be face-to-face. To be thoroughly prepared for the interview, be sure to investigate the company. Practice with our Interview PrepPack™, which will give you tips how to create a lasting impression on recruiters.

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