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The TECH test is one of 7 EEI tests that was developed to serve as an employment selection test among candidates for technical occupations in the electric utility industry. HR strategies conducted a large-scale study including the participation of 23 investor-owned electric utility companies of various sizes from all over the U.S. The study was designed to guarantee results applicable to a broad range of companies and technician positions. In order to determine the key activities and skill requirements of technician positions, a detailed job analysis was performed. This determined effective selection procedures that would accurately measure skills and abilities essential to succeed in technician positions. Such positions usually require an associate's degree. Examples of technician positions are as follows:

  • Chemistry/laboratory/environmental technician
  • Communication/telecommunication technician
  • Design/engineering technician
  • Distribution/planning technician/estimator
  • Drafter
  • Health physics/radiation control technician
  • Quality assurance technician
  • Testing/relay technician

TECH Test Battery Format

This test TECH battery is administered over approximately one hour.
The TECH test battery consists of four tests (or sections):

  1. Graphic Problem Solving (21 questions/19 minutes)
    This test assesses one’s ability to utilize numerical information. The test taker is presented with illustrations, each containing numerical information, and is required to find the solution to practical arithmetic problems. The test taker is presented with 16 multiple-choice questions and is allotted 15 minutes to complete the test.
  2. Interpreting Diagrams (9 questions/9 minutes)
    This test assesses one’s ability to utilize symbols and codes in order to find objects on a map or diagram, as well as to determine the object's status. The test taker is presented with two diagrams, each followed by eight multiple-choice questions (16 total) and is allotted 15 minutes to complete the test.
  3. Mechanical Concepts (44 questions/20 minutes)
    This EEI TECH test assesses one’s ability to comprehend mechanical principles. Test takers are presented with 44 multiple-choice questions, each one relating to an included illustration of a mechanical situation. This test is to be completed within 20 minutes.
  4. Reasoning from Rules (9 questions/9 minutes)
    This test assesses one’s ability to read and apply rules, troubleshoot a logic network, as well as one’s decision-making skills. The test taker is presented with 15 multiple-choice questions and is allotted 15 minutes to complete the test.

TECH Scoring

The EEI TECH test scoring is done both by machine and by hand. The overall score is obtained by combining the scores of each test. A candidate's overall score reflects the expected probability of successful job performance.

Online Preparation

JobTestPrep currently offers practice tests for the mechanical comprehension subtest of TECH. Practicing with JobTestPrep's mechanical comprehension materials can help improve your performance on test day.

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