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SDG&E Hiring Process

After you apply online, you will be given a link to a personality test containing up to 200 questions. If your personality profile meets the company’s expectations, you will be asked to take either a mechanical test—Blue Battery, an administrative test—Green Battery, a technical test—Red Battery, or an electrical/meter reading & customer contact—Yellow Battery, depending on the applied position. Each of these tests contains different sections and has a different time limit. 


SDG&E Job Application

You should apply for the position at SDG&E online. Together with your application form, you are welcome to attach supporting documents such as a resume, cover letters, and references. You can also complete an application profile without applying to a specific job through the link appearing at the bottom of SDG&E Careers page.

SDG&E Job Interview 

Provided you score high on your pre-employment test, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview at the company’s offices in San Diego. Expect to speak to Human Resources managers, engineers, and team leaders. Questions posed in interviews are usually competency-based, though you may also answer technical questions if you are competing for engineering positions. You will also talk about your work history, professional goals, and the company’s mission. Sometimes, you will be invited for another, full-day interview with upper managers and team leaders who will ask you behavioral and technical questions. 

The questions usually asked in face-to-face interviews at SDG&E are as follows: 

  • Tell us about the most interesting project that you worked on.
  • How do you keep up with advances in technology?
  • Describe a situation where you had a disagreement within your team. How did you handle this?
  • Tell us about standards that you have worked with.
  • What have you heard about our company? 
  • Explain positive, negative and zero sequence impedance and its importance.  

Formulate answers to the aforementioned and similar questions before the interview so that you sound knowledgeable and confident when you speak to the company's managers. 

SDG&E Assessment Tests

SDG&E requires its job applicants to pass several tests before inviting them for a face-to face interview with managers and team leaders.

The first test is an online personality assessment. This test is designed to gauge your general aptitude for the position you are applying for, and predicts if you are likely to engage in counterproductive behavior such as time-wasting, fraud, and absenteeism. The Personality Test either asks you to evaluate people’s reactions to particular situations or rank your own behavior on the scale from 1 to 5. JobTestPrep’s personality tests offer you a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with the test’s format and learn how to create a favorable image of yourself.    

Once you pass the personality test, you will need to take one of the four of SDG&E professional tests:

The Mechanical Test—Blue Battery

This test measures mechanical aptitude and consists of four parts, each of which focuses on applicants’ different cognitive abilities. The sections of the tests are these:

The Administrative Test—Green Battery

This test is offered to applicants vying for administrative positions. It is comprised of three parts, and evaluates your reading, reasoning, and problem-solving abilities. The test is divided into the following sections: 

The Technical Test—Red Battery

This test is designed to evaluate job applicants’ technical skills. It is composed of four parts and takes up to 45 minutes to be completed. The sections included in the test are these:

The Clerical / Meter Reading & Customer Contact Test – Yellow Battery

This test is taken by applicants competing for clerical, meter-reading, and customer contact positions. It is composed of four parts that overall require 20 minutes for completion. 

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SDG&E Test Sample Questions

Some of the questions asked included in SDG&E tests are listed below.

The Following Written Direction Test may describe the following situation:

Rules for buying discount employee tickets:

Employees may purchase tickets to sporting events for a discounted price through a company sponsored plan. Employees may purchase tickets by e-mail, telephone, or in person. These are the rules for deciding how employees can buy tickets:

  • All employees in marketing and sales must purchase tickets in person regardless of time of purchase.
  • Any tickets purchased more than three weeks before the event should be done by e-mail.
  • Any tickets purchased on the day of the event must be purchased in person.
  • All other tickets should be purchased by phone.  

Follow the directions listed above to answer these problems.


                                                                                                              Email Phone Person


  1. Director, marketing, purchasing on the day of the event                         □          □          □
  2. Service technician, customer service field, one week before event □          □           □ 

The Symbolic Reasoning Test may include this problem: 


 = means "is equal to"

≠ means "is not equal to, and so is larger or smaller"

> means "is larger than"

> means "is not larger than, and so is equal or smaller"

< means "is less than"

< means "is not less than, and so is equal or greater"


  1. A = B = C, therefore, A = C                                       ○ T ○ F ○ N
  2. A > B = C, therefore, A > C                                       ○ T ○ F ○ N 

Prepare with JobTestPrep 

All tests included in SDG&E pre-employment assessment are timed. Therefore, it is crucial to practice before the examination at the company. JobTestPrep offers all required resources to pass your SDG&E assessment with ease. Purchase our SDG&E PrepPack™ and prove that you possess the expertise to become a valuable addition to the company.


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