Free SDG&E Technical Test - Red Battery Practice

This page will help you prepare for the technical Red Battery Assessment. It includes a detailed guide with free SDG&E Technical Test questions and answers.

What is the SDG&E Technical Test – Red Battery?

The Technical Test—Red Battery is offered by SDG&E to job applicants competing for engineering apprenticeships, craft apprenticeships, or technical training. It consists of four tests, measuring candidates' knowledge and intuition of mechanics, reading comprehension, Computation skills and symbolic and logical reasoning.

What Is the Passing Score for The Technical Test?

Your success on the Technical Test—Red Battery is evaluated by so-called percentile score. This score measures your performance relative to other test takers. Thus, if you receive 90% for your Technical test, this does not mean that you have answered 90% of questions correctly. Your score rather means that you did better on the test than 90% of other job candidates.

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Red Battery Practice Questions

Reading Comprehension Sample Question

The Government has recognised the housing problem and is now preparing legislation that will herald the start of a new house-building drive. It intends to support the building of a total of three million new homes by 2020, which would eventually mean creating an annual house-building target of 240,000 new homes a year.

The number 3,000,000 refers to houses that:

A. Are in the country.
B. Would be built in total.
C. Would be built annually.
D. Would be torn down.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is (B).

The passage notes that the new legislation "intends to support the building of a total of three million new homes by 2020." Answers (A) and (D) are not mentioned in the passage, and answer (C) is incorrect as it states that 240,000 houses would be built annually, not three million.

About Reading Comprehension

This test estimates your verbal comprehension and reasoning. It consists of 23 questions which you will need to answer within 10 minutes.

In this test, you will read several short passages and answer questions about them, selecting answers from several alternatives.

You may find it helpful to quickly scan a list of questions at the bottom of the text so that you automatically pay closer attention to certain pieces of information while you read.

Computation Sample Question

If 12 feet of barbed wire cost $4.80, how much will 5 feet cost?

A. 0.25$.
B. 0.40$.
C. 1.40$.
D. 2.00$.
E. 2.60$.
F. None of these.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is D

In order to simplify the transition from 12 feet to 5 feet we can calculate the price of 1 foot (the division would be easier)
So, if 12 feet cost $4.80
1 foot costs $4.80/12= $0.4
Therefore, 5 feet cost $0.4*5=$2.00

About the Computation Test

This test measures your ability to solve problems narrated in short scenarios by using arithmetic operations. Usually, you will be told about people who either spend money on a certain amount of goods or receive money for certain services. Your task will be to calculate how much money the people would either pay or gain in specified circumstances. You will have only 10 minutes to solve 25 problems.

Mechanical Sample Question

Which fan requires a stronger engine to make the blades rotate? If both fans require the same engine then please select answer option 3.

Please select one correct answer option.


A. 1.
B. 2.
C. 3.
Correct Answer
Incorrect Answer

The correct answer is B.

The more blades a fan has the stronger engine it needs to make the blades rotate since the air resistance increases. Therefore the fan in fig.2 which has 6 blades requires a stronger engine than the fan in fig.1 which has only 4 blades.
The correct answer is - 2.


About the Mechanical Comprehension Test

This test measures candidates' ability to solve various mechanical scenarios and problems, ranging from kinetic or potential energy to friction, pressure, sound, fluids, gravity, and force. These scenarios and problems are presented in the form of diagrams, followed by related questions. Sometimes, job candidates may be asked to identify a tool with which a certain task can be performed most efficiently. The test's time limit is 20 minutes, during which you must answer as many as 36 questions.

How Many Questions Are There on The Technical Test?

The Symbolic Reasoning part of the test has 30 problems. The Reading Comprehension consists of 23 questions; the Problem-Solving section comprises 25 problems. The Mechanical part has 36 questions. There are thus 114 questions altogether on the Technical Test.

How Long Do I Have to Wait to Retake the Technical Test, if I Fail It?

The Technical Test helps employers measure job candidates’ technical skills. Every organization has its own examination rules determining how often you can retake the assessment.

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