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JobTestPrep is all about helping you get the job you most deserve. With so many jobs to choose from be it analyst, control room operator, customer service (among many others) it is important to understand how the hiring process will work for each position. Although we obviously cannot go through each position, let’s look at the Senior Financial Analyst to give you a sense of general process.


  • Phone Interview: Granted this will be a bit more intense than the usual phone screening. Choose a quiet spot and prepare for a 30-minute conversation, which will cover your experience, skills, and background. We would recommend that you keep your resume on hand for the conversation and several screens on your laptop open so that you can easily reference materials. Make sure, however, that answer flow naturally.
  • Panel Interview: You will now be called in for a panel interview. The interview will include usually 5-6 people a mix of HR, VPs, co-workers, and the hiring manager. Make sure that you come in prepared with information on the company and try your best to turn answers into conversations. This will help slow down the speed of the questioning and give you more control.
  • Testing: For this position especially in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Excel is crucial. The exam will not only include the standard Excel test, but you will also be required to compile several reports to test your reporting and variance skills.

    The less you prepare the lower your chances, make sure you are fully ready for your tests with JobTestPrep.

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    NRG Energy Online Tests – What you need to know.

    You undoubtedly have questions ahead of your pre-hire exams. We have answers.

    Microsoft Excel Basic Testing

    A basic level Excel assessment test aims to evaluate your abilities to use this software for everyday office tasks - more common for entry level and administrative roles. It will probably include almost no advanced questions such as functions and macros.

    Microsoft Excel Advanced Testing

    This test requires a candidate to master the different features of the software. Most of the questions will deal with formulas, macro creation, advanced formatting and document properties.

    Mechanical Aptitude Test

    Mechanical comprehension or reasoning tests assess a candidate's knowledge of machinery and other physical concepts. Common topics include forces and motion, energy, electrical circuits, voltages, and currents.


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