Practice for Your Rio Tinto Assessment Test

Prepare for Rio Tinto Assessment Tests

For most positions at Rio Tinto, you will have to take an aptitude test which measures your cognitive abilities in the following subjects:
  • Numerical reasoning: your understanding of tables and your ability to draw conclusions from facts and figures
  • Verbal reasoning: your ability to comprehend and evaluate written information

Achieving a high score in these tests is essential in order to advance further up the recruitment process. To achieve a high score in these tests, you must become familiar with the type of questions on the test and the different ways to approach them. The best way to do this is to get ready with the PrepPack™'s study materials, which include hundreds of questions and more useful tools. 

Rio Tinto Apprenticeship Tests

Apprenticeship entrance exams take many forms. They vary not only in terms of the different aptitudes needed for each trade, but also in regards to the number of questions, the length of time allotted, and the test format itself. Your apprentice training program will determine the entrance exam you need to take. However, the primary goal of all trades entrance exams is to ensure that you have the fundamental knowledge and reasoning ability to handle the technical training portion of the apprenticeship. The three primary areas that are often tested include English and reading comprehension, mechanical reasoning, and mathematics. This is exactly the preparation focus provided at JobTestPrep.



Rio Tinto Interview

If you passed your tests well, chances are that you will be invited for an in-person interview. This interview is usually held in one of the Rio Tinto’s locations. There, you will have an opportunity to talk to managers of several departments, most relevant to the position for which you applied. These managers will talk to you about your future role, asking you competency-based questions in order to measure your suitability for the job. They will also talk to you about the Rio Tinto’s structure and its business goals. If you create a favorable impression on the managers, you may be asked to do a background and drug check, after which, if your police record is good, you may be offered the job.

What Is the STAR Interview Format?

The STAR format is a method to answer interview questions. When you are asked situational questions on your interview, it is better to answer them according to the STAR format, because this behavioral technique makes your answer more coherent and comprehensive. Employers like to use the STAR format on interviews due to its higher degree of predictability of applicants’ future performance at work. The acronym STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. To follow the STAR format in your answers means the following:


  • Situation: You need to tell about a challenging situation that you had to resolve in your former workplace.
  • Task: Tell your recruiters what you tried to achieve in that situations, what tasks you assigned to yourself or your team. When elaborating on this, emphasize what motivations you had to fulfill the assigned tasks.
  • Actions: Describe in detail what actions you performed to carry on the tasks. Explain to your recruiters why you decided to undertake these actions and what were the alternatives that you discarded.
  • Results: Here you need to elaborate on the results you achieved and whether you managed to resolve the problem you initially faced.

Tell your recruiters also what you learned from your experience.


If you follow the STAR technique while answering the interviewers’ situational questions, you will sound more organized, persuasive, and clever. To learn more about the STAR interview method, please consult our resources.


Why Is It Important to Prepare for the Rio Tinto Assessment Tests?

Preparation is key to putting your best foot forward throughout the Rio Tinto recruitment process. Preparing for the Rio Tinto pre-employment assessments will give you an advantage over the other candidates who have applied for the same position. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the test formats as well as improve in crucial areas.



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