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About JobTestPrep’s BGE EEI-Style Packs

Do you want to get a better sense of what type of questions, formats and time constraints your upcoming Baltimore Gas and Electric employment tests will come in? Well, with Jobtestpeps PrepPack™ you get full answer explanations to over 750 questions, numerous study tips, video tutorials and more to fully prepare you for all relevant tests challenges.

BGE Employment EEI tests

Some of the BGE jobs in Maryland require taking an aptitude test. The specific test is determined according to the position you applied for, make sure to check which of the tests is relevant to you before starting your practice. The types of EEI test you may be facing during your BGE hiring process are:

  • BGE CAST test – Construction and Skilled Trades positions will require you to take the BGE CAST test. Get your BGE CAST practice test.
  • BGE TECH test – if you are interested in technician occupations you will have to undergo the BGE TECH test. Get your BGE TECH practice test.
  • BGE MASS test – if your BGE application for employment is targeting Power Plant Maintenance Positions, you will be asked to take the MASS test. Get your BGE MASS practice test.
  • BGE POSS test – this is a set of tests that are being used for the plant operator recruitment process. Get your BGE POSS practice test.
  • BGE SASS test – the SASS test is a test battery for the selection of candidates for support and administrative positions. Get your BGE SASS practice test.
  • BGE SO/PD II test – applicants for operator or power dispatching positions will be asked to take the SO/PD II test. Get your SO/PD II practice test.

What to Expect on BGE’s Interview

There may be several stages of interviews on your way to getting hired to one of the BGE jobs in Maryland. The most common initial interview will occur over the phone with a representative from the Human Resources department. The initial phone interview will generally be a measure for further screening and will include questions regarding your availability, previous work experience, and salary expectations. In the event your phone interview is successful, you will then be requested to partake in a face-to-face interview. This interview will either be held one-to-one, in a group, or with a panel. The BGE interview questions are based on the STAR method which means that you will be asked to demonstrate your abilities using a situation form your working experience, a task in the situation, the action you took and the result of it.


In-Depth Preparation for Your BGE Hiring Process

The EEI Baltimore Gas and Electric assessments will be a breeze when using JobTestPrep’s highly effective preparation materials. Our PrepPacks™ was designed to get you through every aspect of the BGE recruitment process. Ace your BGE pre-employment tests and BGE interview questions by signing up today!


BGE Hiring Process

  1. BGE job application – the BGE application for employment begins with submitting your BGE job application at the BGE parent company – Exelon, website. Company response may take few days or up to a month.
  2. BGE employment (EEI) tests – some of the company positions will require you to take an EEI aptitude tests. These tests are designed to test your skills and knowledge that are necessary for a certain position. we highly recommend you prepare for your EEI test with our adjusted BGE practice tests and improve your chance of success.
  3. Interview – the BGE interview process may include a phone interview and a face-to-face interview. The interview questions are behavioral based, and your answers should be involving your experience and work history.
  4. Background check – the last part of the process is a background check. This part may include a background investigation and a drug test.

BGE Internships

Every summer between may to August, the BGE internships summer program takes place. There are several departments and positions you can apply for the BGE internship including regulatory departments positions, engineering and gas position. To be accepted to the program you will need to prove that you have what it takes. Start preparing today with JobTestPrep’s exclusive PrepPacks™ and improve your chances in the internship program.

About BGE

BGE is the largest gas and electric utility in Maryland, it is headquartered in Baltimore and is a subsidiary of Exelon.


BGE In Numbers
Employees 3200+
Customers – Electric 1.25+ million
Costumers – Natural Gas 650,000+
Service Area - Electric 2,300 square miles
Service Area - Gas 800 square miles

Can JobTestPrep Bring Me Up to Speed?

JobTestPrep Our all-inclusive curriculum, includes answer explanations, score reports, BGE practice tests, interview preparation and more to help keep you on track to the signing line.

When Are the Baltimore Gas and Electric EEI Assessment Tests Conducted?

The BGE pre-employment tests will either be conducted directly after your resume has been screened or as part of the interview process. Preparing for these tests beforehand will definitely give you an advantage over the other candidates interested in the BGE careers opportunities.


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