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Prepare for FPL Hiring Process

Florida Power & Light Company is a Florida-based power utility company. FPL generates, transmits, and sells electric energy. They are the third-to-largest electric utility in the United States. FPL is the main subsidiary of NextEra Energy Inc. (formerly FPL Group, Inc.) and they are also a subsidiary of Juno Beach.

The FPL recruitment process below:

Application: The FPL application process can be achieved via a recruiter, online, or through an employee referral. Once you submit your resume, the FPL recruitment team will decide which candidates to invite for an interview.

Telephone Interview: Your first interview will start off as a brief 30-minute phone conversation with an HR recruiter. You will be asked questions which may be easier to answer once you’ve done some research on the company and job position.

Tests: The FPL test stage occurs in order to evaluate your capabilities and how compatible you are with the job requirements. The EEI tests will be administered during this process as a way to assess your cognitive abilities.

In-Person Interview: For the final stage, you will be invited to partake in an FPL interview. Interviews may be held by a recruiter, or by a panel of employers. Additional interviews can take place as well.

About the EEI Test Process

EEI tests are used to assess candidates’ mathematical, reading, spatial awareness, mechanical, technical, and problem-solving abilities. They help employers hire applicants who have the knowledge and skills needed to excel at industry-related jobs.

You may be expected to take different EEI tests, depending on the job position you are applying for.

These tests include:

CAST: The FPL CAST test is a battery of aptitude tests which help the company hire the most suitable candidates by predicting how successful they will be regarding transmission, distribution, facilities, machining, and repair.

POSS: The FPL POSS test assesses candidates’ potential for success in numerous power plant operator careers. The POSS test evaluates one’s abilities in regards to jobs as a plant level operator, a control room operator, a boiler operator, a water treatment operator, an operator trainee, and more.

MASS: The FPL MASS test measures applicants’ capabilities in the plant maintenance field. The MASS test is used to estimate how successful candidates are likely to be when aiming to become either a mechanic, electrician, control repairer, helper, painter, insulation worker, and more.

How to Prepare for the FPL EEI Tests

Preparing for these exams require training beforehand since the capabilities which are being measured are not skills one would use on a daily basis. JobTestPrep provides exclusive EEI PrepPacks™ that help you become familiarized with the test format and concepts. You will receive simulated tests which mimic the questions you will find on the EEI tests.

Here are all the different EEI tests


The FPL Interview Process

The FPL interview process ensures that the company hires the most suitable candidates for the available positions. Interviews may be behavioral and situational based, assessing how candidates have previously reacted to work-related challenges. These interviews help predict an individual’s potential behavior and competencies in the workplace.


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